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Suzanna Thell
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Tharwa Australian Capital Territory Australia

As a Dru yoga teacher with a Bachelor of Education, my specialty lies in offering yoga for children and teenagers. I have a passion to bring yoga, relaxation, pranayama and meditation practices into the classroom... giving our young people the personal experience and skills to be self-empowered, reaching their highest potential, creating a world of love, respect and compassion. My business, the Yoga Garden, is all about growing happy healthy humans.

I am co-author and manager of the Dru Kids and Teens course in Australia and author of a children's yoga book titled Deer-lightful. I run workshops for classroom teachers, teaching them how they can incorporate yoga practices in the classroom to support children's development in a holistic way.

I run a weekly general yoga classes for adults in Tharwa Village where I live in the ACT and family yoga days once a term - an opportunity to come together, creating connections in the community in a fun and profound way.

Kids and teens in all suburbs around Canberra.
General classes for adults in Tharwa - Wednesday evening 6.15 - 7.45


Suzanna Thell
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Canberra - Suzanna Thell
02 62375077 / 0410 135604