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Robyn Harper
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Maleny - Beerwah - Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Relax in Motion...… with slow-paced, nurturing, easy, DRU YOGA CLASSES. Stress is a major contributor to illness. Relaxation is necessary for your body to avoid, or recover from, illness. DRU YOGA is a graceful style of easy yoga that teaches you how to relax while you are resting and in action.

... it helps you to unwind

... is sequenced and integrated in a way
that attends to the whole body,
mind and emotions

... you barely notice the work your body
is doing to strengthen and tone

... a very different style of yoga
with a different result

You’ll feel so good —
What a Relief!

With a 4 year diploma, over 8 years teaching and 20 years experience, I'd love to help feel uplifted and transformed!


Robyn Harper
Class Name
Wednesdays 10 am - 11.30 am
Learn to RELAX when resting and in action - an ANTIDOTE to stress. Feel uplifted and renewed!