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Catherine Spruce
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Wolverhampton West Midlands United Kingdom

I teach beginners and intermediate classes and workshops in Wolverhampton (west) and Stourbridge.

Yoga has been part of my life for 20 years. I discovered Dru Yoga 10 years ago and trained as a Dru teacher shortly after. Dru yoga has totally transformed my outlook on life and living, which is one of the reasons why I now love to teach it! I love the flow and energy of Dru, and its healing benefits for both mind and body. It helps me to release physical tension and be in the present moment, aware and calm - also soothing away any stress or anxiety. Dru yoga is a gentler form of yoga, yet still with strength and energy.

When I started yoga, it helped me to recover from a longstanding back injury. Dru Yoga now helps to keep my back flexible and healthy through my regular practise. A theme of spinal awareness and improving spinal flexibility is a feature in all my classes! I confess to being a bit of a spine geek...

I recently began training as a Dru meditation teacher. Having dipped in and out of a meditation practise for years, my yoga teacher training established more regular practise, and a mindfulness course I subsequently attended totally captured me and helped me cultivate a deeply mindful awareness in everyday life - and a daily practise. This is such a huge help to me! Mindful meditation and yoga are my 'goto' to keep me ticking along through ups and downs. I love to bring these gifts to others through my teaching!

Current weekly classes and workshops:

• Smestow School - Monday and Wednesday evenings (alternate weeks with Sue Homer)
• The Soul Shala, Stourbridge - Friday evenings
• Yoga for All Seasons - seasonal themed yoga workshops (taught with Sue Homer and Sarah Vernon)
• Themed Dru Yoga workshops at The Soul Shala, Stourbridge


Catherine Spruce
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Yoga in Wolverhampton with Catherine Spruce