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Teresa Keast
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Chester Cheshire United Kingdom

Yoga is a way of life for me and I find that a regular practice of yoga and meditation keeps me feeling vital, alive, and at peace with myself, yet keeps me growing and developing. Yoga gives me the tools to come back to a place of calm, centered strength when life threatens to throw me off balance.
I have a deep comittment to following the intuitive guidance of my soul and have been giving talks and workshops on a range of spiritual topics for the past twelve years. I have been teaching Dru yoga for 12 years and meditating for over 25years. I have a Degree in Physical Education and a Degree in Nutrition with Diplomas in Reiki, Reflexology and am currently studying Herbal medicine so I like to bring a wealth of holistic knowledge to my classes.
I am a positive, friendly, down to earth teacher who originally came from New Zealand who has created a life I love teaching yoga and meditation.

I teach Dru yoga classes, Yogadance, Meditation, Workshops, Retreats and One to One Yoga, Nutrition and Lifestyle counselling.

I am an intuitive teacher who loves helping those who come to my classes benefit from and develop their own love of yoga. Classes are relaxed and friendly, suitable for beginners and those with more experience who wish to take their understanding and experience of yoga deeper. I have a holistic approach to teaching, explaining what each posture is doing for your body, for you emotionally, mentally and energetically and any ways you can adapt the posture to meet your body's own individual needs. I teach simple meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety during class and always finish with a very nourishing, deep relaxation. Classes become more than just a place to experience yoga, they become a sanctuary to recharge with friends.
You come away feeling your Self again, calm, clear and revitalized on every level.
I teach regular meditation classes each week and if you are interested there is always an option to work in group meditation.

I hold regular workshops that give you an opportunity to explore yoga and related topics more deeply. Some examples include Yoga and Meditation for Self-Empowerment, Understanding Yoga and the Chakras, YogaDance, Super-vitality foods, An Agni Fire Masterclass to name just a few.

From this year I will be running a yearly Yoga, Sound and Meditation Retreat in the mountains of Assisi.

I post regular blogs on yoga topics on my facebook page Teresa4Yoga

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.


Teresa Keast
Class Name
Agni Fire Yoga Sequence with Teresa
6-7.15pm A dynamic, sequence. Ignite your creativity, vitality and enthusiasm moving into Spring. Prebook £12