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Free 5-day

Meditation Challenge

Keys to a resilient and joyful mind
1-5 March 2022

Welcome to Dru Meditation

The Live Challenge has now ended but you're still welcome to join us till 9th March, to enjoy the replays and deepen your meditation practice.


  • Release your joy so you can respond rather than react to life
  • Develop clarity and focus.
  • Free your mind from overwhelm
  • Establish a consistent meditation practice to navigate life’s challenges
  • Learn techniques to increase your energy level

This free challenge includes:

5x Live Teaching Sessions

A series of daily 30 min live trainings at 11am each day to deepen your meditation practice. Learn pranayama, mantra and other advanced practices to develop your resilience and joy.

Daily Emails & Journal​​​​​​

Reminders direct to your inbox to help you make real progress in focussing your mind. Free downloadable journal to clarify your progress. Watch the replay of the videos if you miss the live sessions.

Exclusive Online Community

Access a private group where you can get connected and share your experiences. Get support and ideas from our friendly worldwide community of yogis and meditators.

"Learning Dru Meditation has been, without doubt, life-changing. Not only did this course provide an oasis of calm and security during this extreme period of turmoil and trauma, but it has given me lifelong skills which have already improved my emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as enabling me to help others."

Carol Booth
Client Services Manager, Bradford, UK

5 day meditation challenge

Keys to a resilient and joyful mind
1-5 March 2022

Dru Meditation

A powerful tool for self-development, inner calm and stress relief.

What is Dru Meditation?

Dru Meditation is based on ancient practices originating in the yogic tradition of the Vedas. It synthesises this traditional wisdom with a modern, practical approach which makes it accessible without losing any of the depth and authenticity of its core.

This meditation challenge will give you a powerful experience of the transforming power of meditation. We will also introduce you to the Meditation Mastery course, starting a little later in March 2022.

Your tutors for this 5-Day Challenge

Jane Clapham

Meditation and kirtan master who makes ancient spiritual practices relevant to the modern world, bringing an understanding of psychology to ancient yogic techniques.  Jane has practised Dru Meditation for 35 years and heads the Meditation Mastery Course starting on March 19th 2022.

Andre Hartwich

Meditation Teacher Trainer and a High-Performance Coach who will help you breathe renewed life into your spirituality. He will help you gain a clear understanding of how to apply the wisdom and practices from the ancient sister sciences of yoga and meditation.

Rita Goswami

Co-founder of Dru, Author and Meditation thought leader who specialises in Vedanta and Yoga philosophy. Global teacher of spirituality for over 40 years. As an international presenter, Rita facilitates many self-development courses drawing on her wealth of knowledge in holistic healthcare, modern medicine, and eastern sciences.

5 day meditation challenge

Keys to a resilient and joyful mind
1-5 March 2022