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7 Minutes of Joy

The perfect Christmas gift: Superb guided movement, relaxation and meditation to flood your body with healing hormones, plant a tree and give to a friend.

Give a gift to yourself, your friends/network, and to the planet.

Three simple yet powerful techniques that everyone can do

Create inner joy 

Do the 7 Minutes of Joy techniques

These simple techniques have been used for aeons to flood your body with healing hormones and create a solution-based mindset. It makes you feel great!

Joy is infectious!

Share 7 Minutes of Joy with a friend or your network

​​​​​​​Your package includes gifting it for free to a friend with your own special message.

The world needs you

Plant a tree and
heal our world

Each time you buy the 7 Minutes of Joy package a tree will be planted. You'll get a beautiful certificate to use as a gift for yet another friend or loved one.

The 7 Minutes of Joy package

You'll receive these three gifts in one:

  • The 7 Minutes of Joy technique along with introductory techniques: 7 minutes of movement and a delicious 7 minute relaxation, as well as supportive reading material
  • You can gift the techniques to a friend
  • We'll plant a tree and you can customise and print a beautiful gift certificate for someone you care about

£9.99 - let's do it!

Become part of the trend towards uplifting society

People all across the world are choosing to seek solutions.
Thrive inside and help the world with the 7 Minutes of Joy package. 

Creating inner joy is just about the fastest way to: 

Boost your energy
Sleep better 
Clear stress and anxiety
Dissolve overwhelm 

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Give to


Discover our simple 7-minute, evidence-based techniques that fill your body with happy hormones and help you feel confident and empowered - yes, right now!

Your friends/network

Imagine the people you love and care about breathing more easily and living with more courage and contentment in their hearts... because they’ve learned a simple, short and highly effective practice.

Your planet

We plant a tree for you in re-forestation programmes in India. You can dedicate your tree to friends, family and colleagues with our beautiful Christmas gift certificate.

Why Joy?

In our experience, the fastest way to climb out of society’s post-pandemic physical and mental health challenges is to

  • Develop a solution-based mindset
  • Flood your body with the healing hormones of positive emotions to boost your vitality
  • Discover how to transform the energies of anxiety, stress and overwhelm into empowerment

Yes, I want more joy!


It turns out the best way to do this is to create a feeling of inner joy!

Our evidence-based approach combines ancient and modern techniques to train your mind and your neuro-hormonal landscape to quickly release stress and enter a state of inner uplift and joy.

Give the gift of joy

What will I learn?

We’ll be giving you three 7-minute video techniques for you to choose from, or combine for maximum impact


Precisely targeted to clear the toxic effects of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and re-activate your energy and resilience.


Using two profound methods to soothe and deepen your breath we will supercharge your emotional physiology to help you feel great.

Meditation - Culminating in Joy

Effortless body-awareness process! Bring a smile to your face and flood your brain, organs and heart with happy hormones. 

Personalise a beautiful tree certificate

When you plant a tree you help nature thrive and support people for generations to come. You can dedicate it to yourself, to someone special or in memory of a loved one. 
You’ll be able to print a beautiful certificate with space for you to create your own message.

Give the gift of trees 

Keep knocking, and the joy inside you will eventually open a window and look out to see who's there.


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