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Forest for peace walking in the woods


Forests for Peace

Give the gift of a tree. Supporting the planet. One tree at a time.



We've teamed up with inspired landowners to plant forests for peace.

Plant a tree to help the planet and inspiring ecological projects.

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Why Plant a Tree?

  • To offset your carbon footprint
  • To do your part in decreasing climate change
  • To help the planet and sustain biodiversity
  • To give the people you love an amazing carbon positive gift.

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Your Trees...

  • Your tree will be planted in Herefordshire, on the border between England and Wales.
  • When you buy your trees you can make a personalised certificate with your own message of love.
  • Your first tree costs £15, and subsequent trees £11. This will be invested directly into projects reducing our carbon footprint (£1 for the admin). £5 goes directly to the planting and maintenance of your tree.
  • Trees are hand-planted using no chemicals, only love!




Forests for Peace

Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries

The climate emergency is raising consciousness around the world. But awareness alone is not enough.

Unless we take action the disconnect between humanity and the earth will only continue to grow.

At this crucial time for the planet there is so much that we can do to bring unity and peace between the human race and the earth. That is why we started the Forests for Peace project.

Along with changing the way we live our lives, forest restoration is one of the most effective ways to turn the tides of the climate emergency. We are starting the new decade by giving back to the earth. Our aim is to plant thousands of trees per year. Join us in being the change!

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Meet our Ambassadors...


Saraswati Algarve retreat

"I’ve been planting trees all my life, and I’m now delighted to welcome you to this project—where we can all take small steps towards helping the earth.

Living in a community is an important way for me to reduce my environmental impact by sharing resources wherever possible. I love walking to work every day and I eat a mostly vegan diet. Let’s keep taking those small steps together to make a change. Thank you for your support.  Jane Saraswati Clapham




Andrew Wells, Dru Yoga teacher trainer, in trees in Betwys y Coed

"In 1992, I attended the Earth Summit in Rio where we held a vigil for environmental peace using earth meditation techniques. It was so special to join world leaders coming together to recognise for the first time that we needed to build a positive relationship with the Earth.

A year later I walked for 10 days from the Midlands to North Wales, a distance of 115 miles, carrying saplings and tree seeds in my backpack. Every 50 metres I planted seeds.

I truly believe that we will not change the Earth’s climate unless we change the human climate. So every year since then I have made it my passion to help people discover their greatness and the countless ways they can add to our world. Add your passion to the earth and join me in creating Forests of Peace."  Andrew Wells




Monica Staniforth - Dru Yoga Waterfall sequence

"My lifelong passion for trees began as a very small child growing up in New Zealand and experiencing the purity, mystery of nature while camping in the bush.

Trees are divine, majestic, highly evolved beings and the lungs on our planet. Recent research has shown that trees have emotions, a heart, a pulse and communicate through their roots branches and leaves with the whole of nature. No surprises, we are also part of nature, trees understand us and communicate. They heal, balance and inspire us. Just start planting and growing trees and your whole consciousness and perception will change in such a compassionate way."   Monica Staniforth


Carbon Offset Calculator

Planting trees is one of the best ways you can offset your carbon footprint. So we've made a carbon offset calculator so you can work out how many trees you'd need to plant to offset the effects of your travel, home energy and food. This means a lot to those of us teaching at the Dru Centre in beautiful Snowdonia - we're very aware you have to travel to join us and we're glad to be able to offer you a way to offset that travel.


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An Eco-Positive Life

Our current western lifestyle takes more from the earth than we realise. We often think of flying and the use of plastic as our major impacts on the environment. But on top of that, studies are showing that in fact the hidden impact of what we eat and all the things we buy creates our largest contribution to the climate crisis.

To decrease our impact on the planet we will need to start living differently, consume less and get smarter at how we produce and do things. Buying less (much less!!), eating a plant-based or vegetarian diet, limiting motorised transport (especially driving and flying) and insulating our homes properly are some of the most effective things we can do.

However, living eco-positively will not happen overnight. Planting trees is a great way to compensate for the things in our lives that are still hard to change.


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