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Episode 23 - The Art of Sacrifice

Tapasya is the yogic word for sacrifice. It is where we take on a spiritual discipline eg. a certain number of mantra repetitions, or an asana practice knowing that there will be a specific result at the end. We also explore the neuro-transmitter Dopamine which is one of the primary motivators that drives us to act. This will help you break unhelpful habits, and create harmony in your mind.

Episode 22 - The Frequency of Love

The Universe responds to, and gives us more of, whatever our frequency is. So, if you want to attract a higher vibration into your life you’ll have to work on changing your personal frequency. In this way, you can come to attract to you the energy of love, compassion and understanding because you ARE already vibrating at that frequency.

Episode 21 - The Empowered You

Being empowered is our innate way of being, but over the years we have learnt to give our power and energy away to other people, places, and things. 

In this session, we explore 7 practical steps to reclaim your power and live a life of fullness and abundance.

Episode 20 - Ganesh

Want to clear your path and step forward with confidence? You need Ganesh on your side! In this episode, we introduce Ganesh, the archetype of removing all obstacles in life and stepping forward into your life without hesitation.

Episode 19 - Get unstuck!

When we get curious, life brings opportunities to get creative, think outside of the box and enjoy our lives. In this episode, Anouschka shares two stories from her own life explaining the difference between a stuck and a creative mindset.

Episode 18 - Emotional reactivity

"Who ate my roses?"

In this session, explore your emotional responses and how you can find a place of perfect balance within.

Episode 17 - Your unique gifts

In this short session, we are exploring your unique gifts, how to give them to the people you love -  and living in harmony with the natural world.

Episode 16 - Ignite your Inner Light

Did you realise that you have light within you? And that you share that light with the world around you all the time? It’s in your smile and it is the light in your eyes. Most importantly it is the love and trust you express to others and the words your speak.

In this episode, Anouschka celebrates the World Peace Flame Anniversary and guides us on the way to ignite our Inner light through our words.

Episode 15 - Making health a priority

For thousands of years people have been looking at the sun as a symbol of health. 

In this episode, Anouschka introduces us to the concept of Agni, the fire that burns within us. Agni is the fire that we need to digest our food, but all other experiences too. Everything that comes in through the senses needs to be processed at some level. This is done by the 40 agnis (internal fires). When they are burning brightly and in harmony, we have great health. 

Episode 14 - Keeping it cool

Hot weather can aggravate your mind as well as your body. When we’re not used to it we can’t even seem to think!

In this episode, Anouschka shares the Dru top tricks and tips on how you can keep calm and cool over the summer heat wave! From savasana and pranayama through to cooling the pulse points there’s a whole range of ways you can take
control of your body and mind and simply enjoy the holiday vibe.

Episode 13 - Mona Fairholme

"Why yoga, why now, why Dru?" 

When we have so little time for ourselves and the to-do list seems to be expanding daily, why is yoga so important for you to integrate into your daily life?

In this episode Radha talks with a senior yoga teacher trainer and practising yogi, Mona Fairholme to discuss what she has learnt in her many years as a trainer of yoga teachers.

We'll explore why, in a year of uncertainty and fear, yoga holds so many of the answers we seek. You’ll learn why Dru is so passionate about sharing this panacea with the world - and who knows what you hear today might even change the trajectory of your life...

Episode 12 - Shona Sutherland

"Adapt to change with Ayurveda" 

This week on Studio Live we are focusing on how to adapt to change both within yourself and the world - with an Ayurvedic perspective! We are privileged to be joined by the one and only Shona Sutherland, the director of Dru Ayurveda and a true fountain of knowledge!

Episode 11 - Savitri MacCuish

"How to be a peacemaker" 

What does it mean to be a peacemaker in the modern age? We all desire to leave this world a more beautiful place and with our guest today, Savitri MacCuish. Reframing peace in a new world and leaving your footprints in history is just as important as ever. We’re excited to share this episode with you and hope you feel as inspired listening as we did speaking! 

Episode 10 - André Hartwich

"Yoga nidra - the art of deep relaxation" 

We always seem to have too little time and too much to do. How can we integrate real, nurturing, deep self care and rejuvenation into our daily life? Join Radha and our expert Andre Hartwich as they look at what yoga nidra in fact is, why it is so important in the world right now and exactly what you can do to get started TODAY!

Episode 9 - Anouschka Dack

"Body positivity in yoga" 

In this episode Radha and Anouschka Dack will be discussing positive body image in yoga and how important having a practice is regardless of what we perceive to be our "imperfections".

Episode 8 - Andrew Wells

"How to deal with loss, trauma and the inevitable?" 

We're tackling the historic question of 'Living with the end of life- how to deal with loss, trauma and the inevitable?' This is a subject that touches every single one of us, and in this episode Andrew shares some incredible insights into HOW to face these times in our lives with grace and compassion. 

Episode 7 - Chandra Goswami

"The roadmap to freedom" 

In this fabulous Studio Live interview with Chandra Goswami we'll be discussing yogic philosophy! Its all about the Roadmap to Freedom, understanding the Patanjali Yoga sutras and how they can help you find meaning and peace in your life!

Episode 6 - Coby Langford

"Why football teams practice Dru Yoga" 

Welcome to this Studio Live with Radha and Coby Langford. A great in-depth discussion about resolving and understanding injury prevention. We will also explore some of the great ways yoga supports UK and international football teams to keep their players at the top of their game!

Episode 5 - Dr. Ned Hartfiel

"Dru Yoga healed me after a decade of back pain!" 

In this session you'll find out about Ned's fantastic Dru Yoga research results as well as learning about the new buzz word "social-prescribing" (what is it and how does it apply to you?) and much more...

Episode 4 - Jane Clapham

"Meditation: Can we have a completely still mind?" 

Our expert this week is none other than Jane Clapham - Radha will be quizzing Jane all about whether meditation deserves the the buzz. We discuss how to start, the challenges we may face and answer the age old question: is it possible to have a completely still mind?

Episode 3 - Dr. Janey Fitzgerald

"Living with more vitality" 

In this episode we’re by the amazing Dr Janey Fitzgerald and will be talking all about your microbiome, the integration between Ayurveda & modern medicine and simple actions you can take to boost your energy and vibrancy.

Episode 2 - Silke Zanker

"How to get out of your own way" 

Radha will be talking with Silke Zanker - and incredible business woman who is a mentor and coach, inspirational speaker and yogi. Silke has a unique perspective on how we can be totally successful, live a beautifully balanced life AND be spiritual and yogic - all at the same time! 

Episode 1 - Annie Jones

"The hidden gems of Ayurveda" 

A fascinating conversation between Annie Jones and Radha exploring everything from nutritional health, yoga, Ayurveda and the power of nature.... and back again!