Dru Yoga for Back Pain

The movements, breath work, relaxations, visualisations and affirmations used in this Dru Yoga Healthy Back programme video are designed to support you in easing and preventing back pain. You'll be guided through a carefully designed process that first gives you awareness and control of your core stability. It then effortlessly relaxes, realigns and gently stretches tight muscles, strengthening and toning your back.

These mindful movements give you a foundation of flexibility and strength that means you can move with confidence, easing away old pains and discovering a new-found freedom of motion. The guided relaxations will help you harness the full power of your body's healing potential. They will also enable you to reduce the effects of stress, realign your muscles, and rebuild strength.


Short on time?

Our clinical trial participants reported dramatic improvements with as little as 10 minutes per day. Their best results were obtained from practising the programme for 8 weeks. Imagine being free of back pain for the rest of your life! Easing back pain will happen when you take action. You and your back are worth 10 minutes a day!


Interested in teacher training?

We know it can be hard to consider becoming a yoga teacher alongside everything else you do! So we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible both in the time commitment required and in how you can make it work financially. 

Firstly, over half of our students start to teach before they graduate, earning as much as half their course costs before they finish. We also have pay-as-you-go payment schedules and it's pretty easy to earn the rest within a year. 

Time is precious! How you spend it is really important - especially when you’re balancing work and family, and trying to find time for your personal practice. We have a variety of training options around the UK (and the world) ranging from a one day-a-month format to five-day residential modules, through to a sixteen-weekend structure.

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Is Dru the right school for me?

Choosing the right school to train with is a big decision and will help shape your entire career as a yoga teacher. Here at Dru we are proud to:

  • present a comprehensive, in-depth syllabus
  • provide clear, easy-to-follow illustrated manuals
  • give you free access to an online video platform of course content
  • give you top international tutors
  • offer the recognition of an international school with 40 years experience 
  • lead you to membership in our vibrant Dru professional network of teachers.

Training with us is just the start of a wonderful period of in-depth learning where you’ll be building personal and professional skills, establishing new friendships and exploring an exciting journey of self-discovery!

Above all, the Dru Yoga teacher training course helps you become more 'you'. It will help you clear away the stress and busy-ness of modern living, soften old emotional pains and regain the original freshness of your lifelong dreams.



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