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Who can apply?

any body-type   |   any age   |  any skill  |  any background

    This course is designed for everyone:

    • who loves yoga and is passionate about their health
    • who wants to grow and reach their full potential
    • who wants to make a difference to their community and the planet.

    So, are you ready to have the best day of your life every single day? Learn the tools to respond (not react) to life’s stresses and to grow in confidence with a feeling of total empowerment.
    This is no ordinary yoga course. It's designed around your personal transformation and how you take it out into the world.
    Since 1986, 5,000 people have surpassed their goals and taken their life, practice and teaching to new heights of possibility.


    About the Course


    Your pathway to becoming a real yoga expert

    We offer a comprehensive package of high-end yoga training that will take you to the top of your chosen field. Yoga teaching is a fast-growing market. With the increasing need for living healthier lifestyles, we provide you with the highest standard required to create specialised programmes for your students. Call 01902 409164 for a chat about how we can support your advancement in yoga.

    1. Yoga Teaching Certificate (200 hours)   

    2. Yoga Teaching Diploma (350 hours)

    3. Advanced Teaching Diploma (500 hrs)

    4. Yoga Therapy Diploma (BCYT accredited)

    Why Train with Us?

    Let go of your limits and how Dru Yoga can help you move forward in your life. Dru Yoga teaches you to stand in your power and live with authenticity. It’s not just about movement techniques - it’s about reaching your goals with a positive and awakened mind. Teaching Dru yoga means sharing this with everyone around you.

    Dru Yoga is an evidence-supported, therapeutic style of yoga. It’s graceful, potent and based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation.


    Dru uplifts body, mind and spirit, improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and rejuvenating your whole being.

    Throughout your training you will have access to various methods of support. From the main tutors, to the support tutors, a worldwide community of like-minded people as well as all of the unique online resources Dru has to offer.

    Our online resources have been specifically designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of what is covered in each module. You will have free, unlimited access to hundreds of classes and short, individual yoga practices. Keep scrolling to see some examples of our resources.

    DYTT about the course

    Course Content

    • Classical asanas

      Any practice you will learn comes with a wide range of modifications and health considerations to suit each individual student.

    • Activations & Body Preps

      Learn how to prepare the body appropriately for asana practice:
      > principles of activations and warm-ups
      > learn how to strengthen and/or stretch over 30 different muscle groups

    • Dru Yoga sequences

      These have been designed to enhance the five levels of human experience: physical, energetic, emotional, rational and spiritual, as well as to energise and balance the chakra system.

    • Home practice

      How to establish your personal space and practice at home.

    • Anatomy & physiology

      To teach yoga safely you need to know how asana and pranayama practice can affect human physiology. The course gives you a basic understanding of the nine systems of the body, particularly how the appropriate yoga practices can enhance their functioning.
      You will also learn about yoga solutions for the most common respiratory, musculoskeletal, digestive and mental conditions so you are equipped to meet the needs of your students.


    Want more detail? Download the prospectus

    From FAQs to Course Content, you’ll get a really good idea 
of what to expect with our training course including: how to develop your yoga career, the difference between therapeutic yoga and yoga therapy and all the extra resources you’ll have available as a Dru student.

    Download here   >

    Download a sample course manual

    Over the duration of the course will receive 16 well-crafted, fully illustrated, detailed course manuals to assist your home learning process. They are an invaluable support both during the course and in your life as a practising Dru Yoga teacher.

    Download a sample manual   >


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I trial the course?

    Yes, you can trial the first two training days with a money-back guarantee (minus the registration fee).

    Is there any home study required?

    The home study component of your course is experience-based and particularly designed to help you monitor your practice and knowledge of Dru Yoga. Its primary function is to help you consolidate what you are learning and anchor the skills you will need as a yoga teacher.
    There are five assignments:

    • Caring for the spine
    • Lesson planning
    • Chakra project
    • Yoga philosophy

    What course manuals or materials do I have access to?

    You will receive well-crafted, fully illustrated, detailed course manuals to assist your home learning process. They are an invaluable support both during the course and in your life as a practising Dru Yoga teacher.

    How much home practice do I need to do?

    You will be asked to study certain practices in greater depth, and to write down in some detail how the practice has evolved for you and how it has affected you physically, energetically and emotionally. This reflective learning helps you to gain insight and clarity and you will find that your personal reflections become an invaluable teaching aid.

    What's the course structure?

    The Dru Yoga Teacher Training course is a 14-month programme which runs from February 2021 until April 2022. It follows the current Yoga Alliance (USA) standards and is classed as a 200 hour programme. 

    It is a blended programme consisting of 22 days of synchronistic teaching:

    • 14 days of interactive live sessions via Zoom 
    • 8 regional face-to-face teaching practice days. 

    Zoom Training Days
    Known as ‘synchronistic’ teaching activities: 

    • Large group sessions  
    • Small group sessions 
    • Interactive peer to peer group sessions 
    • Small regional group sessions  
    • Feedback sessions 
    • Large and small group discussion 
    • Self/peer and tutor assessment/evaluation sessions 
    • Individual tutorial sessions 

    Regional Training Days
    These are face-to-face* teaching practise days and will be held regionally in smaller groups. 
    These sessions will include: 

    • Review of practices 
    • Small group teaching sessions 
    • Practicum  
    • Lesson planning preparations 
    • Tutorials (small group and individual) 
    • Application of practices taught on zoom 
    • Discussion 
    • Teaching practice sessions 

    *Face-to-face sessions will depend on the Covid situation at the time. If it’s not practical then these will become regional zoom sessions.

    Pre-recorded Sessions
    Known as ‘asynchronistic’ hours, these consist of recorded sessions with ipsative assessment activities that demonstrate student understanding and student development.  
    The student will input approximately a further 350 hours of personal study to the programme.  
    Asynchronistic learning activities: 

    • Individual research activities 
    • Evaluation of recorded materials  
    • Directed study activities 
    • Spine project 
    • Chakra project 
    • Personal and professional journal 
    • Reflective practice journal 1 
    • Reflective practice journal 2 
    • Lesson planning assignment parts 1 & 2 

    Change your future.
    Change your life.