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Info and FAQs



Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to join this course. If you have little experience of yoga we will give you a personal plan and mentoring to establish the background you need to get the best out of this course. Most important is your enthusiasm and a keen interest in yoga.


Can I trial the course?

Yes, there are two types of Try Out Days (you can attend either or both) to help you decide if the course is for you. Click here for upcoming try out dates  >



Meet, greet & discover

Meet the tutors and other people interested in the course, explore the course materials, experience the potency of Dru Yoga and have all your questions answered. 
A day to inspire and uplift! 




Enjoy in-depth learning and meeting new people 





Course format & Locations


West Midlands

16 non-residential weekends over 2 years
01902 409164


32 Sundays over 2 years
01372 725327


16 non-residential weekends over 2 years
01324 820392




Foundation Course


This course provides an excellent grounding in the essential foundations of Dru Yoga. It is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Dru Yoga and take your personal practice to a new level. 

This course is designed for: 

  • everyone who would like to develop an effective personal practice 

  • yoga students who want to explore Dru Yoga in more depth 

  •  yoga students who are considering joining the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course 

  • yoga teachers from other schools who want to teach Dru Yoga in their classes.

Practise with confidence! 

The Foundation Course has the added benefit that you can gain entry onto the Dru Yoga teacher training course, with the first quarter credited to you. 

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What’s inside the Prospectus?


From FAQs to Course Content, you’ll get a really good idea 
of what to expect with our training course including: how to develop your yoga career, the difference between therapeutic yoga and yoga therapy and all the extra resources you’ll have available as a Dru student.

Download here   >




Dru is one of the most adaptable forms of yoga on the planet. 




Watch a live training session

Watch this live session of Sylvia Barrington teaching on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course and experience what it’s like to be a student. Observe the depth of her teaching as she guides students through an experience of one of Dru’s unique yoga sequences. 

Understand the key elements of a Dru class and how sequences are taught in depth to facilitate a true experience of every level of your being; 

  • expanding the physical body through working with the breath

  • reconnecting with the power of the heart centre to set the highest of intentions

  • using visualisation to achieve heart-focussed goals for ourselves and others... all in one class!

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Discover your passion to share yoga with the world...




Watch an online resources video

We provide a variety of online resources to aid your learning and increase your confidence in teaching. As part of your course, you will have exclusive access to our online platform, the Dru Star Lounge, which contains videos and audio of all the main course content. These videos will support you with your learning and revision, not just on the course, but after graduation too.

This training video taught by senior tutor, Louise Rowan explores the Charity Pose and includes the body preps needed as well as info on how to teach it safely to your students. 


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Download a sample course manual

Over the duration of the course will receive 16 well-crafted, fully illustrated, detailed course manuals to assist your home learning process. They are an invaluable support both during the course and in your life as a practising Dru Yoga teacher.

Download a sample manual   >




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