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Transformative Yoga Teacher Training

Our vision is about empowerment

As we celebrate 42 amazing years we continue to be incredibly proud of how our Dru Yoga teachers and therapists have grown their transformational communities around the world. 

Try it and see how rewarding it can be to transform the world
by giving people the tools to transform themselves.


Transformative Yoga Teacher Training

The purpose of the course is to give you a potent daily yoga practice which will transform you and give you the power to discover the magic in every single moment, situation and person you meet.

You’ll learn to confidently share the tools you’ve mastered with your friends, family and students.  Through our contemporary approach to ancient yogic techniques, you'll revolutionise your relationship with your body and mind.

Andrew Wells & Christiane Saar

The Results

Completing this training will:

  • Enable you to teach one of the world's leading styles of yoga which is backed by academic research. You will be able to work alongside health professionals, in the workplace and schools. 
  • Open doors to our extensive postgraduate training courses all designed by experts to enable you to deliver classes, programmes and courses in the area you want to specialise in.
  • Develop long-term friendships with our multi-disciplinary team of teachers who combine the best of Western science with the best of ancient wisdom.
DYTT The results

So, why do people train with Dru?

Karen Neal DYTT testimonial

Improving my health

Karen Neal

The teachers here have inspired me to teach with the insights I have gained through the course to manage my fibromyalgia, to live with less pain and fatigue, and I know I’ll be able to use them to help other people.

raymond DYTT testimonial

Enhance my career

Raymond Niemeyer

Dru Yoga has changed my life and my perspective about movement. The course has given me the strength and beauty of moving in a different way and I apply all this beautiful work to my clients as a physiotherapist. I have also been given so much profound tips and tools to live a life that’s better and more energetic than before.

Liz Winchurch testimonial

Personal development

Liz Winchurch

When I started the course I was quite anxious, stressed and exhausted. By the end of the course I had become a different person, connecting to deeper parts of myself and becoming a lot more compassionate towards myself and others. I also became more creative, open-minded, confident and much happier and freer.

Change your future.
Change your life.