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Dru was founded over 40 years ago by a small group of university students... 

Since then we've grown into an international teacher training school known for our dedicated team of expert tutors, the quality and safety of our form and our powerful message of inclusive yoga.

And we care... as a social enterprise we strive to give back to the world through our charity & volunteer programmes and we thrive as a global community of like-minded people.


We are empowered people creating global unity.



So, why do people train with Dru?

Karen Neal DYTT testimonial


Improving my health

Karen Neal

The teachers here have inspired me to teach with the insights I have gained through the course to manage my fibromyalgia, to live with less pain and fatigue, and I know I’ll be able to use them to help other people.

raymond DYTT testimonial


Enhance my career

Raymond Niemeyer

Dru Yoga has changed my life and my perspective about movement. The course has given me the strength and beauty of moving in a different way and I apply all this beautiful work to my clients as a physiotherapist. I have also been given so much profound tips and tools to live a life that’s better and more energetic than before.

Liz Winchurch testimonial


Personal development

Liz Winchurch

When I started the course I was quite anxious, stressed and exhausted. By the end of the course I had become a different person, connecting to deeper parts of myself and becoming a lot more compassionate towards myself and others. I also became more creative, open-minded, confident and much happier and freer.



Meet the Dru Tutors...

Angela Baker


When I joined Dru Yoga Teacher Training course I was at a cross-roads in my life. I wanted to make a big impact on the environment - but didn't know how. Now, as a Dru Yoga teacher trainer I step out with confidence to transform & educate people AND the world around me.




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We offer a comprehensive package designed to enable you to be a true yoga professional. Gain the highest standard required to create specialised programmes for your students.


  • Yoga Teaching Diploma (350 hrs)
  • Advanced Teaching Diploma (500 hrs)
Advanced Practitioner Diploma
, Backcare & Wellness for Social Prescribing 
and Pre-Natal Certificate
  • Yoga Therapist Diploma




Change your future.
Change your life.