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Great reasons to train with Dru...

  • Earn a living doing what you love
  • Feel empowered & supported on your yoga journey
  • Discover ancient wisdom for modern life
  • Find your yoga tribe
  • Transform the world - one yoga posture at a time

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24/7 Free Resources

During your course you will have free, unlimited access to hundreds of classes and individual yoga practices to help you gain a deeper understanding of every topic you are learning—allowing you to deepen and anchor your knowledge at any time.

Access experienced Dru Yoga teachers from around the world to aid your learning and increase your confidence in teaching. 

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Watch an online resources video

We provide a variety of online resources to aid your learning and increase your confidence in teaching. As part of your course, you will have exclusive access to our online platform, the Dru Star Lounge, which contains videos and audio of all the main course content. These videos will support you with your learning and revision, not just on the course, but after graduation too.

This training video taught by senior tutor, Louise Rowan explores the Charity Pose and includes the body preps needed as well as info on how to teach it safely to your students. 

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Watch a live training session

Watch this live session of Sylvia Barrington teaching on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course and experience what it’s like to be a student. Observe the depth of her teaching as she guides students through an experience of one of Dru’s unique yoga sequences. 

Understand the key elements of a Dru class and how sequences are taught in depth to facilitate a true experience of every level of your being; 

  • expanding the physical body through working with the breath

  • reconnecting with the power of the heart centre to set the highest of intentions

  • using visualisation to achieve heart-focussed goals for ourselves and others... all in one class!

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Depth and Expertise

Dru Yoga training provides you with the depth of expertise to:

  1. teach all kinds of people with all kinds of needs
  2. deepen your expertise on why and how postures work 
  3. experience the subtle energy of yoga—it will revitalise your health, balance your emotions, help you understand your mind and make great strides in your spiritual journey. 

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Experienced tutors

We have a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are always exploring the best ideas from the modern world to do what yoga has always done superbly—which is to adapt itself to the needs of the people at that time. 
So you have the best of Western science combined with the best of ancient wisdom. 
Our Dru Yoga team includes: educators, medical professionals, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, ayurveda practitioners, coaches, meditation masters, business/corporate consultants, scientists and artists.

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Evidence-Based Yoga

When you teach a style of yoga that is underpinned by scientific research showing extensive health benefits then it opens so many doors for you. You can work alongside health professionals, schools, workplaces and in so many different sectors.

In randomised controlled trials Dru Yoga has shown to:

  • increase energy levels
  • maintain a healthy back
  • improve resilience to stress
  • enhance emotional well-being
  • reduce sickness absence days.

Such research enables Dru Yoga teachers to work with large employers including private companies, county councils, schools, government agencies, professional sport teams and the NHS.

A randomised controlled trial involving 75 government workers, published in Occupational Medicine in September 2012, showed that Dru Yoga significantly reduced both stress and back pain at work—two of the key factors leading to sickness absence. After an eight-week programme, Dru Yoga group scores (when compared with a control group) were significantly lower for perceived stress, back pain, sadness and hostility, and significantly higher for feeling self-assured, attentive and serene.

Sponsored by Bangor University and the NHS, a new randomised controlled trial with 150 NHS employees (published in Occupational Medicine in December 2017) found that an eight- week Dru Yoga programme resulted in less back pain, fewer sickness absence days and significant cost savings for the NHS.


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Rich Global Network

You’re not just left by yourself after you’ve done the course. You’ve got a rich global network with incredible expertise that you can continue to learn from and contribute to.

Access a vigorous CPD programme and an amazingly supportive network of teachers to help you thrive as a yoga teacher.

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Another String to your Bow

Enhance your skills as a therapist or trainer with Dru’s enormous wealth of self-help techniques which can shift unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs.

You can teach your clients how to transform negative emotions and empower their highest goals using movement, breath and visualisation and affirmation. 

Perhaps you’re already a yoga teacher?

Learn a huge repertoire of specialised yoga sequences and techniques that are rooted in ancient practice, yet crafted with the most up-to-date practices from sciences such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and neuroscience.

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Educational Standards

It’s really important to know that your course is globally accepted and you can teach anywhere worldwide. Our 200 hour course is currently registered with Yoga Alliance (USA), our 350 hours with Yoga Australia and the IYTA in Australia and is globally accepted so our teachers can teach everywhere and go on to specialise. With thousands of Dru Yoga teachers worldwide, and many hundreds in training each year, we are now one of the largest yoga organisations.

You can be confident that your training:

  • is based on a comprehensive, in-depth syllabus
  • provides clear, easy-to-follow illustrated manuals
  • offers free, unlimited access to online video resources to support you during the course
  • includes one-to-one tuition to guide you through your training
  • is recognised by both national and international yoga organisations
  • leads to membership of a vibrant global network of Dru teachers and a connection with like-minded friends.

If you choose to become a yoga therapist the Dru Yoga Therapy Diploma is accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapists and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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Personal Development

Ever felt stuck in your yoga practice?

Dru Yoga is renowned for giving you a profound experience from the very first session. Its depth of knowledge blends ancient wisdom with leading-edge, modern thinking—giving you a yogic tool box that allows you to make remarkable progress in your self-development journey.

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Build Community with Every Class

One of the most healing things you can ever do is to build a community in the classroom. Management trainers have done our training course not just for the yoga, but to learn how to run the energetics of a team—and all the principles of team-building.

And the other great things about the course is the community of like-minded people you’ll meet and develop friendships with. It can be lonely being a spiritual warrior, or a person who yearns to live a compassionate lifestyle. 

Imagine a whole roomful of people just like you! Some of whom will go onto become lifelong friends—it happens on every course.

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Change your future.
Change your life.