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The Power to Live Your Dreams

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The Power to Live Your Dreams 

Take a moment to imagine waking up each morning knowing your true purpose and how you will acheive it.

See yourself living each day with excellent health, filled with an abundance of energy and resources to acheive your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Feel yourself surrounded by harmonious relationships, where the people around you support you in your goals and you support them.


Most people spend their lives wishing they could achieve things that are actually within their reach.

Now is YOUR time to step towards everything that you have ever wanted in your life!

Your 10 week course

In this 10 week online course, our senior tutors will help you discover your dreams and activate your power of manifestation, so you can live a life filled with clarity, purpose and fulfilment.

You will learn to:

  • Design your day so you can achieve your highest goals
  • Create more time for your life’s priorities
  • Activate the 8 powers which will ignite your dreams
  • Attract abundance into your life
  • Enjoy better communication in your relationships
  • Have a career that fulfils you and makes a difference to the world

What do I get?

The course includes

  • 45 videos to discover over 10 weeks or at your own pace and which you can watch in your own time.  
  • Lectures, movement sequences, supporting material and the support of an online community.
  • Sessions on abundance, career, relationships, spirituality and health by world experts in their field.
  • Lifetime's access to the course – watch the videos at your own pace.
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Join people all over the world and share your experiences.


Learn through videos, audio downloads and worksheets. 

30 day guarantee

Try for a month. Not for you? Get your money back.

Lifetime access

Busy now? No worries - you have the course forever.


Watch on all devices

Take the course wherever you go.

Learn at your pace

It's a 10 week course but you can take as long as you like to watch each video.

Your 10 week course includes

  • Welcome
  • What is a dream?
  • The law of attraction
  • Inner alignment sequence

  • Your Master Action Plan
  • The 8 Powers of success
  • Aligning your values and dreams
  • The power of connectedness
  • Discovering your purpose
  • 4 stage power walking
  • The power of purpose
  • Silver orbit meditation
  • 10 Powerful steps to successful goal setting
  • Developing habits of success
  • 3 Stage power breath
  • The power of choice
  • Introduction to mediation
  • Successful communication in relationships
  • Cutting the illusion
  • Mastering the 6 essential needs in a relationship
  • The power of relationship
  • Movements to empower a successful relationship
  • The power of humour
  • The power of self-belief
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs
  • The Salutations to the Four Directions
  • Keys to attract abundance
  • Your vision board - the missing link
  • How to make your vision board

  • Effective communication at work
  • The power of passion
  • Make time your ally
  • Who am I?
  • The art of authentic leadership
  • The power of now
  • The goldern eagle (sequence)