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Let’s use this time to come home to ourselves.
To stay connected, learn and grow together. Let's be...

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The 3 Keys

Now, more than ever before, we need to get the essential foundations of life right. We are empowered people who make a difference to the people around us. And - we also need to give the very best to ourselves too.

Key 1 - Daily practice

Build a personal practice that nourishes, relaxes and empowers you.

Key 2 - Connection

Feel supported by a global community of like-minded friends.

Key 3 - Wisdom

Be with teachers who provide you with insights and empowerment.

Give your self the gift of time...

Time to learn. Time to study. Time to grow.


Live Lounge

All live events

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There's so much going on online! From Master Classes and live-streamed yoga through to daily Instagram broadcasts from the Dru Center in Snowdonia.

Tune-in live and join hundreds of other yogis from across the globe as we develop our online community.

Check out all the upcoming Live Events below.

Join us at 10am Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Instagram for inspiration from the Dru Centre in Snowdonia.

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Wellbeing Hub

Blogs to support your yoga journey

If you're curious about life, the Wellbeing Hub is a fantastic resource of yoga, meditation and health blogs for you to research, learn and explore.

Uncover a deeper understanding...

Visit the Wellbeing Hub 

The Studio

250+ videos

Welcome to The Studio

Now that we can’t go out and about as much as we would like, our yoga and meditation become even more important to us than usual. It is an ideal way to stay fit and balanced at a physical, mental and emotional level.

Whether you're looking for a quick 5 min recharge or a Sunday morning deep and meaningful - Dru Online has the perfect class for you.

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The Academy

Courses + study groups

Do all the things you've always wanted to do...

How about learning vegan cookery or studying yoga philosophy with a mentor? How would you like to go deeper in your meditation or establish your yoga practice?

Well, now it's all possible here at The Academy!

1. Online Courses

Online courses are a great way for you to learn from home. You'll find great videos an support materials to guide you through your chosen field of study.

Most courses are spread out over a number of weeks so you have a chance to fit it into your lifestyle as well as have enough time to practice and absorb what you have learnt.

Browse the courses below for more information & to register today.​​​​

Available Online Courses

2. Online Study Groups

Online Study Groups are a new way we're exploring at Dru to give you ongoing support in a topic of your interest... A bit like the 'book club' concept, where a small group of people focus on a particular subject for a few weeks.

It's a chance to openly discuss and explore subjects such as Bhagavad Gita, advanced yoga, pranayama, health and the Master Action Plan.

Want to join a study group? Email us at to see what's available.

This 30-day course will teach you how to feel totally in control of your health: more energised, radiate and balanced.

Ayurveda helps you make sense of yourself—to understand your original nature so that you can heal and revitalise your body, mind and emotions.

More info & register  >

In this 10 week online course, our senior tutors will help you discover your dreams and activate your power of manifestation, so that you can live a life filled with clarity, purpose and fulfilment.

You will also learn to design your day so you can achieve your highest goals and learn to create more time for your life’s priorities.

​​More info & register  >

Imagine that feeling of boundless energy now -  it’s like walking on sunshine!

Your body feels light, there is a spring in your step, your skin glows, your eyes smile, your mind is clear and focused. There is a greater confidence in your voice and presence. This all comes from simply having MORE ENERGY!

More info & register   >

Many of the questions you have about your life, your past, present and future have clear answers once you begin to understand the sacred science of Jyotish.

It includes the essence of Vedic Astrology with its unique predictive methods plus the powerful approaches in Western Astrology that will enable you to very quickly get an understanding of what makes someone 'tick'!

More info & register   >

This 9-month course takes you week-by-week on one of the most exciting yet rewarding journeys of your life! A wonderfully comprehensive introduction to meditation, we aim to get you meditating, de-stressing and relaxing as quickly as you can!

You'll be guided effortlessly through the course via our richly informative course manuals and soothing meditation downloads.

More info& register   >

Every one of us has experienced having a loved one make their journey into the Infinite. And without doubt, it will be one of the hardest experiences in any of our lives.

Western society gives us almost no training to prepare for this important moment in our lives, but humanity has evolved a vast body of wisdom to help us make this one of the most remarkable and fulfilling experiences we'll ever have. 'Living with the end of life' aims to bring you that wisdom.

More info & register   >

The Dru Bhagavad Gita online self-mastery course gives you a template for daily living that will help you to create the best mental and emotional environment for achieving your highest purpose. 

Over eighteen months (one chapter per month) you will explore in-depth ancient teachings and contemporary self-mastery techniques, taking you ever-deeper into a fascinating journey of discovering your self. 

More info & register   >


Tailored for you

What is holding you back?

Mentoring is a powerful way to get your life on track especially if you have a specific concern that may be blocking your way forward. 

Whilst you have the opportunity, why not delve deeper into yourself and take some time to analyse what's working for you - and what's not - and then ask the right questions of the right people.

Below are some of the very best of our senior mentors within Dru. Each has a specialism or focus and many, many years of experience guiding people not just through the challenging and joyful times, but also helping each person to succeed in every area of their lives.

Andrew Wells

My speciality is helping you design your personal practice to help you achieve your goals. My greatest passion is teaching people how to live their life with an in-depth connection - to their own inner greatness, to others, and to the field of consciousness in all its beauty. 

We are all empowered people - and my goal is to help you rest in your inner strength and make a contribution to as many people's lives as you dare to dream.

(Andrew is one of the instigators of Dru's de-traumatisation work in conflict zones, as well as Dru's courses in advanced yoga energetics)

Contact Andrew >

Louise Rowan

International speaker, lecturer and retreat leader, Louise Rowan's engaging presentations and seminars leave you in no doubt about who is the one in charge: you are.

Louise presents her many clients and students with effective, practical and easy-to-use techniques to quickly help you discover your greatest potential, and then get on with the exciting journey of living it.

Contact Louise >

Annie Jones

Creating a strong health picture requires a multidimensional approach. Ayurveda provides a framework for optimising 5 main areas including; nutrition, supplements, personalised yoga and meditation, appropriate therapy (eg. self-massage) and lifestyle advice. 

My personal strength is in establishing a personal spiritual practice to connect you to the 5 elements or panch-mahabhuta as well as helping you to understand deeply your personal health constitution and practical advice on how you can ensure you have a healthy body, mind and soul!

Contact Annie >

Jane Saraswati Clapham

What better way to use this imposed study time than to study the most fascinating topic – you! If you’ve always been fascinated by the Indian approach to Astrology, then I invite you to join me for an analysis of your birth chart, according to the Yogic Science of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish.

I will explain the strengths and weaknesses in your chart, related to your family, career, spirituality, health and finances, and help you understand your gifts and what you were born to do. I will explain what opportunities and challenges are on the horizon and how you can work with them in the most positive way to thrive in the next year or so.
£95 for the hour session together and an hour of my time analysing your chart beforehand.

Contact Jane >

Chandra Goswami

As Director of Dru Scotland, Chandra facilitates many of Dru's courses, retreats and workshops. 

Chandra’s passion is people and how to help them use techniques to prevent stress and burn-out, and master the body-mind balance. Having taught Dru Yoga for over 10 years Chandra also works as a personal Dru Lifestyle coach and is noted for her sensitive and reassuring approach. 

Contact Chandra >

Nanna Coppens

It is my passion to help you cultivate a useful perspective on situations that appear difficult or challenging at first sight. Once you've achieved that, all available energy can be invested in a way forward based on inner connection, healthy choices and purposeful living.

Nanna is an experienced Dru Yoga therapist and has spent the last 20 years helping yoga and meditation teachers tap into their inner power.

Contact Nanna >


Global tribe

Keep connected with your global tribe

Over these next few weeks keep connected through Facebook, Instagram and by joining us on the Live Lounge.

Community = connection, friendships and sharing.

Daily Instagram Live

If you're looking for great ideas, advice and connection - join us at 10am every morning on Instagram.


Check in with us on Facebook for inspiring posts and info about the upcoming events on the Live Lounge.

Surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday. Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs. Life isn't to be done alone.

Find your tribe and travel freely and loyally together.

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When we're on a yoga journey it's inevitable to have questions. If you're thinking about it... others will be too - so why not submit a question to our expert panel and we can schedule it in to our live Q&As or Master Classes.

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