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About Dru - 5 pillars


We are a fresh-thinking not-for-profit social enterprise eager to inspire a naturally healthier way of living for everybody. Our vision is as simple as it is profound - to empower as many people as possible to live a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Our Vision

...is of a world in which empowered people are creating global unity

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Our Mission

...is to transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves



The Five Pillars of Dru

We're totally passionate about creating educational programmes and collaborative networks where people can enjoy better health at all levels; physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.



With remarkable insight into the depths of ancient techniques and modern science, Dru offers you tools that enable you to improve your health, your emotional make-up, your mind and even your character! Welcome to the best version of yourself.





Dru programmes are renowned for their remarkable depth of knowledge, both ancient and modern. Our Dru Yoga and Dru meditation training courses can help you discover the profound essences of the classical yoga and meditation techniques.

Dru brings you a blend of ancient wisdom illuminated by leading-edge, modern thinking.

We dive deeply into the subtle energetics of these ancient techniques.

Learn how to harness their benefits in far-reaching ways—right through the unconscious mind, and in the end arrive at a tool box for your body-mind-spirit that lets you make remarkable progress in your self-development journey

Dru Yoga’s postures and sequences are rooted in ancient practice, yet crafted with the most up-to-date practices from physiotherapy, osteopathy, neuroscience.








Whatever your age, fitness levels or health goals, Dru is one of the most adaptable forms of yoga on the planet.

In clinical trials Dru health programmes have been shown to: increase energy levels, reduce back pain, improve resilience to stress, enhance emotional wellbeing and reduce sickness absence. Such research means private companies, schools, government agencies, professional sport teams and the NHS now work successfully with Dru. 















It’s a golden feeling of being in the centre of the slip stream of your life.


Rather than getting lost in the superficial world of social media, Dru helps you to become the best version of yourself.

Empowerment comes when you truly know what you want from life and who you are that is above and beyond your personality. 

Empowerment is growth, standing tall and knowing what you have to offer to the world.













Throughout our work the emphasis is on creating a supportive, empathic environment. Dru stands out for its supportive community, fun and togetherness.


Often referred to as ‘the yoga of the heart’, Dru delivers an extraordinary feeling of ‘coming home’.

Be part of an inspiring global community and create your own empowering network.


Dru offers an inspiring global network of like-minded people, supporting you to build positive relationships in every sphere of life.








Dru practitioners and teachers really care about the world. And they’re likely to have their fingers in all sorts of activities that make a difference in their community.


Why would they do this?

We think it’s because they’ve discovered that when you give to life, you feel better. Life seems to provide more opportunities and you feel more in the flow of who you really are. 

And in fact, if you asked them, Dru practitioners would tell you there’s not really a reason for being so giving. It’s just natural. Life is better like that.

Well, this is our experience. Maybe it’s yours too? If so, maybe we can create something magical together on this earth.