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World Healing Meditation

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When we come together in focused meditation, prayer and inspiration, we generate an awesome power to awaken humanity to a new level of awareness. During the coronavirus experience we have many powerful reasons to pray, and above all, we need the strength to be empowering and uplifting for everyone around us.

Please give your hearts and souls to help each human being discover their unique potential.

You might like to add a prayer for someone who needs help.

You might like to add a message of support and also a dedication like: 'I'll dedicate the World Healing meditation each day for a week', or 'I'll call someone who needs a boost and tell them how much they mean to me, each day for a week.' Anything that will improve our inner climate, the first step towards making massive changes in our outer climate.

Or you might like to add an inspirational story about how you - or someone you know - has made a difference that's really inspired you.

When you add your prayers, dedications or stories to our Dedication Together it inspires everyone to feel more empowered to help the people around them. Thanks for your love!

We started with the Australian Bush fires at the beginning of this year. Now, let's answer the call of the earth for all those affected by coronavirus. That's everyone of us!
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Your messages and prayers

Carmel  Pound
23 June, 2020

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Best regards, Carmel
Paula  Armati Negus
10 April, 2020
May we all human beings start living in a way that protects us all and benefits Mother Earth , our home , our lives !
Linda  Drever
5 April, 2020
I pray that all of us involved in our new village chatline will find the right words to inspire courage, calm, and love in each caller they are privileged to speak with.
Catherine  Evans-Jones
3 April, 2020
My heartfelt prayer for all the brave luminous souls of our beautiful planet. May we all know healing, connection, courage, kindness, love and peace.
Liz  Waddington
31 March, 2020
Dear God
You invite us to be with you always and ask that we invite others in too.
Thank you for bringing people together caring and sharing as a community to offer a kind word, good deed or hearty meal, even if just for a short time.
Let us never forget those who came into our lives and hearts and keep them always in our prayers.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord
Gillian  McGready
31 March, 2020
I dedicate the strength and intention of my meditation to all those who are anxious, fearful or struggling, that they find comfort and reassurance.
Gillian  McGready
31 March, 2020
I dedicate the strength and intention of my meditation to all those who are anxious, fearful or struggling, that they find comfort and reassurance.
Val  Broome
30 March, 2020
I dedicate my meditation practice and send my prayers out to all in the world who are suffering and need nurturing in many ways. May they know, and feel, the love, support, connectedness and divine presence with us all as we navigate together through these challenging times.
May we all be enfolded in the divine presence and be awakened to the wisdom inside each of us.
Om Shanti!
Monwara  Hoque
29 March, 2020
I dedicate my prayers and meditation to my son, my mum, my brothers and their families. To my friends and family in the UK and abroad. May the pain in their hearts ease from their recent loss in London and Bangladesh. May we all be protected from harms way and remain strong and resilient in these challenging circumstances. May the world heal from this sickness and may we as humans continue to reach out to one another with love and kindness. A higher power, mother earth, the universe is speaking to us.....we need to listen.

May the NHS workers, teachers, shop workers who continue to provide a service for us be protected and kept safe.

Through our individual and communal meditation and prayers lets heal the world together, a community united and supporting one another.

In the words of my beloved Liverpool FC....'You'll Never Walk Alone (YNWA)'.
Namaste x
Jan  McLaughlan
28 March, 2020
My thoughts and prayers are also with all those who are dying alone - we are all connected - and their families not able to hold the hand of our loved ones.
May all life forms will be healed and come in to balance and harmony.
Lyned  Davies
28 March, 2020
For Anne Ward, may you be healed fully, may you feel supported by those around you and empowered by your inner strength. May you approach the coming days and weeks with courage in your heart and peace in your mind. xx
Debbie  Clare
28 March, 2020
Lucy, a mum fighting for her life. Sending love, compassion, strength and hope to you and your family x
For the key workers and my dearest friends rejoining the NHS. May you keep your strength .
Love to all, hope to all xxxx
brenda  wright
28 March, 2020
I will dedicate the daily meditation to all those I know and love and in turn to all those that they love
Anne  Holroyd
28 March, 2020
The world needs to change we all need to look at our habits and if they are destructive to the planet.

We need to change as a society to become less unequal so that we have no one without somewhere to live.
Ruth  Matthew
28 March, 2020
I pray for all human beings at this time but especially my family friends and yoga students . I think of Aileen and Bob, Allison and her family, Grietje, Rachel Elizabeth Harry and all the lonely people who choose to shut out the world. Inner strength to all.
28 March, 2020
I am so gratituded that all fear transforms into Love and Light. I am so thankfull that we all human beings heal as our mother earth is healing now and forever. Fore the good of All beings. Thank you god
27 March, 2020
I pray for all those Indian villagers who already live with extreme hardship and now have to face the horrendously virulent viral conditions. I pray for all my friends and family who already cope with poor health due to underlying medical conditions. I pray for my Mum and all the elderly who live by themselves and live for the contact they receive from the community. Peace and understanding
Alison  Boyle
27 March, 2020
For all the people of the world - may they know peace, may they know love and may they be surrounded in beautiful healing light.
Chandra  Goswami
27 March, 2020
May all beings be at peace, and may all beings find the true peace that resides within.
Evie  Francq
27 March, 2020
I am dedicating my Gayatri's every day to David. xx
Jane Saraswati  Clapham
27 March, 2020
Sending my love to all the people who feel alone or anxious at this time. May they feel the support and love of the Divine flowing through them with every breath. Om Shanti
Andrew  Wells
27 March, 2020
Launching the World Healing meditation tonight - feeling a whole world of unity and connectedness. May our practice of this special meditation heal the hearts and minds - and bodies - of all humanity. We have a beautiful world to honour and take care of, and let us become magnificent custodians of this earth.
Sarah  Collin
10 January, 2020
Daily morning meditation will be directed to our planet Earth and all people, fauna and flora to feel the light and love pouring in.
Irene  Knauseder
10 January, 2020
pray for healing and revitalisation - for all those suffering and affected by our nation’s fiery tragedy,
pray for our animals - the lost, suffering and survivors-to-be,
boundless gratitude for the unconditional efforts of the support services - may rain fall soon and shower you with blessings,
pray for rain - to ease the rawness and intense pain of our blessed Earth Mother,
pray for those in positions of power - may they be guided to affect positive change for the highest good of our nation and our planet,
May Peace Prevail!

Dedication - tonight's "Full Moon Yoga & Meditation Event: Support for the Bushfire Crisis" at Brighton Beach, Qld. Coming together on the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon to invoke support, healing and rain for our Bushfire Crisis. ALL proceeds go directly to 'The Red Cross Bushfire Emergency Appeal'.
Lynette  Broomfield
10 January, 2020
May the magic of our universe continue to light the way for those in the darkest of places and may our messages to them always be ones of graciousness. I shall continue to dedicate my thoughts, intentions and actions to the universal harmony of all things with gratetude.