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The Spirituality of Yoga course has been particularly helpful to me in anchoring my morning wellbeing practice.  I had already started doing a short morning walk in nature, but this now involves me walking barefoot on the grass for part of my walk, and being able to do some yoga outdoors in what has become my sacred space.  This has lifted my mood and I find that I am in a more contented state than previously. Even if there are just little things that I might do some days, such as lighting the candle before I do my practice, selecting a vision card and pausing at odd moments through the day, these small actions are very beneficial and enable me to be not so hard on myself.  I am steadily reviewing the videos but not rushing this process as it takes time for these practices to be understood and appreciated.  Having the ability to watch the sessions repeatedly is tremendously helpful in embedding the learning.   I am enjoying the process of this learning, knowing that I can approach this in a relaxed way and pick out a different session each week or so to review and practice.  I have appreciated the structure of this course being over 3 weeks, where we were able to practice the learning from each session in-between.   It has avoided feelings of being overwhelmed with the amount of content and therefore not really taking anything in because I don't know where to start. There is much more for me to do with the practice that we have been introduced to and this will take some time and it will require some courage and exploration outside my comfort zone, but that is ok.  I know that I can seek help with this as and when I need to.  
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Dru yoga teacher. Devon
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