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As a recently trained dru yoga teacher I had built up my own daily practice at home greatly influenced by what I had learned on the course and what I felt worked for me. During the DYTT course I was particularly affected by the philosophy assignment based on the spiritual texts which really made me think about how I was living my life and what lessons I could learn from the ancient wisdom. I also felt as if my spiritual self had been lying dormant and was reawakened. This has had a positive impact on my life though I know I have more work to do. It had been  so good to be part of a group  from all different walks of life and age groups who came together because of their experience of Dru. The spirituality of yoga course has given me a similar feeling of connection and an opportunity to fine tune my learning and to focus afresh on the benefits of relaxation and meditation.  Having already established my sacred space, I have expanded on that and taken it into my garden as well. I have rediscovered the pleasure of doing my practice in the garden and simply lying on my mat and contemplating  the sky above me. In lockdown I have the time to journal, to think, to question, to do. Working as part of a group through the zoom sessions allows us to share our experiences, to reflect, to ask questions and to benefit from the insight of questions other people ask. It is a blessing to feel the empathy of others and feel secure within a group of like minded people, all seekers on a path to finding our best selves. Having a shared purpose helps  us to keep practising and exploring the possibilities. I'm very happy to have this opportunity to continue on my spiritual journey. 
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Dru Yoga teacher. Renfrewshire UK
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