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Donna Davies Backcare Testimonial

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I have experienced back pain and discomfort myself. It was non-specific back pain and I've tried several things over the years from Pilates to osteopaths, physiotherapists, and different exercise programmes, and while it all helped, I didn't really feel like it got to the nub of things. 
Then I discovered Dru Yoga, which was recommended by my osteopath, so I had a go and thought there's something special this. I then went on to train as a Dru Yoga teacher. And that really helped me really with my own experience of back pain and how to manage it. I felt like I was also able, to a degree, to help my yoga students as well. Although at that stage I didn’t feel I had the confidence and the ability to work with clients who maybe had more specific back pain. I felt I needed a little bit more knowledge to help them best.
So that's what led me to doing the Dru Backcare & Wellbeing course. And I really found it extremely helpful. It has enabled me to work with students in a class setting but also on a one-to-one basis and really tailor classes to meet their needs. 
And I've seen a huge difference, both in my confidence in how I teach, and in the way my students feel when I'm teaching them as well. So, if you're thinking about doing the course, I would highly recommend it. 
It's made a huge difference for me. 
I’d say, ‘Jump in there and go for it. I'm sure you will really enjoy it’.
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Customer Experience Co-ordinator and Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher.Wrexham
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