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I am just working on the spine assignment. Apart from really enjoying all the research and information, I had to smile, because whilst writing about the spine and common back problems I have discomfort in my back (chronic) and sitting in one position, not as relaxed as I would like, is aggravating it. I have been taking frequent breaks, doing the Dru stretches, tri spinal release, marjariasana, bringing my knees up and rocking my spine which I love, standing forward bend and squats and when I finish studying each day I do a long relaxation. I have been drinking lots of water as well. I love the fact I have the tools from the Dru to help myself and have the chance to put it all into practice. It's all made such a difference to my back, neck and rest of my body. From a happy yoga student! 

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Kelly Bray, Cornwall
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Kathy Hutchings DYTTSW student
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