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After completing the first module, I have been given the most amazing insight of how unique Dru Yoga is. I feel excited, inspired and cannot wait to learn more, the way the course is put together and paced is very well thought out, the course materials and the staff are amazing and supportive.

Dru Yoga teacher training testimonial Rachael B-S

Rachael Baker-Searle

Dru Yoga teacher, Oxford

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I felt reconnected and restored. It was an amazing Dru experience.

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Palvinder Kaur

Social worker, Bradford & Dewsbury

There is a greater understanding and a deeper awareness of the essence of Dru Yoga and how it deeply touches and embraces you to align yourself to the truth with you/the higher divine within you.
I think it has brought me to a place of acceptance of myself because I have gained a deeper understanding of myself. I think I’m on the path of aligning myself to the divine within.
Also, I think this course has developed me as a teacher tenfold. I now have more understanding of my students and I am able to give them the opportunity to explore themselves in their practice.

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Rita Girling

It was very enjoyable. Met lovely friends I had not seen for a long time.
The classes were very good. It was all great and we had fun

Fiona Thorne

I didn't know what to expect from this course but found that it fitted me perfectly. Although I love coming up to Wales, having the sessions in the comfort of my own home with the videos to watch again and again was a great substitute.  Just a shame I can't get anyone to cook all the wonderful vegetarian food for me!  
I loved the outside session with Annie and Radha and I particularly liked Andrew's meditations, I managed to ground myself deeper than I ever have before.  The tutor groups were really good and I like being part of a sangha!  I think it would be great if you offered some courses like this in future, when everything has sorted itself out, it was amazing that you had people from all over the world joining in
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Mary Shellens

Dru Yoga teacher, Tavistock, Devon

This was a lovely and deeply nourishing day.


Alison Hayward

Dru yoga teacher. Devon
The Spirituality of Yoga course has been particularly helpful to me in anchoring my morning wellbeing practice.  I had already started doing a short morning walk in nature, but this now involves me walking barefoot on the grass for part of my walk, and being able to do some yoga outdoors in what has become my sacred space.  This has lifted my mood and I find that I am in a more contented state than previously. Even if there are just little things that I might do some days, such as lighting the candle before I do my practice, selecting a vision card and pausing at odd moments through the day, these small actions are very beneficial and enable me to be not so hard on myself.  I am steadily reviewing the videos but not rushing this process as it takes time for these practices to be understood and appreciated.  Having the ability to watch the sessions repeatedly is tremendously helpful in embedding the learning.   I am enjoying the process of this learning, knowing that I can approach this in a relaxed way and pick out a different session each week or so to review and practice.  I have appreciated the structure of this course being over 3 weeks, where we were able to practice the learning from each session in-between.   It has avoided feelings of being overwhelmed with the amount of content and therefore not really taking anything in because I don't know where to start. There is much more for me to do with the practice that we have been introduced to and this will take some time and it will require some courage and exploration outside my comfort zone, but that is ok.  I know that I can seek help with this as and when I need to.  

Mariella Duindam

In the Spirituality of Yoga course I have learned to intensify my yoga practice, find Dru points and learn beautiful sequences that amongst others help my meditation to flow. About my meditation, well.. I did try to do regularly in the past, but after this course I even like to sit down more often and so I also intensified, still intensify, my meditation. And doing all that I have a lighter heart during the days "off the mat".
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Sue Grierson

retired, Churchdown, Glos, UK

I liked the warm-up - the twist, my era! It was a good venue; comfortable and nice choice of refreshments. The workshop was lovely, gentle and supportive. Reaffirms why I love yoga.

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Jayne Raywell

Love DRU and that's why I am doing my Teacher training with them. I am truly enjoying the journey inwards so I can be a better person on the outside.

Jamie, Age 16, Thatcham


Age 16, Thatcham

I’ve never felt so happy in my whole life.

Marianne Wootton

Marine Biologist, Torpoint, Cornwall

Dru is truly holistic yoga for everybody.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing Dru.  Dru people are just the best!

Julie Scarff, Mirfield, Dru Yoga student teacher testimonial


Retired Special Needs Teacher, Mirfield

Starting my journey on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course was like all my dreams coming true and I cannot wait for the next module.  Being amongst supportive, like-minded students and tutors was inspiring and confirmed to me that I can do this!!