Dru Meditation teacher training

Jon Havenhand - Dru Meditation in sunset

Have you mastered your mind?


Do you ever feel that your mind gets affected by other people’s reactions, or your ever-changing emotions? Can you consciously choose to feel positive for most of the day? Do you regularly experience the still depths of a still, settled mind? Would you like to be able to add meditation to your teaching skills?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, than I would strongly urge you to consider doing more meditation. In my experience, Dru meditation is such a powerful way of mastering our mind and emotions. And the Dru Meditation course is such a powerful way of continuing that journey of self-discovery – and equipping you with all the tools to need to have a balanced, calm mind. Our next Dru meditation course starts in Wales either on 3-8th November 2016 or 19-24th January 2017. I’ll give you a run-down of what we cover on the modules.


Module 1

On the first module of the meditation course, we examine the Anamaya Kosha and its relevance to meditation. We focus on find the best position for you to sit, and we learn about how relaxation can revolutionise your practice. You’ll gain new insights into the power of your mind and will learn the powerful physical  Shanti Prana Dru Meditation.


Module 2

The second module looks at the power of Pranayama, and you’ll learn different breath ratios to energise and calm the mind. You’ll learn how you need enough prana to be able to sit still, and a powerful technique to energise each of the organs. You’ll also learn the three-fold breath and Shanti Prana Dru Meditation (subtle).


Module 3

Module three introduces the power of mantra to liberate the mind, as well as advanced practices to bring joy to the emotional layers of our being. You will learn how to dissolve old trauma and  gain emotional maturity to help you start practising the skills to be a meditation teacher.


Module 4

We explore the Vijnaanamaya kosha or intellectual layer on module four, and you’ll learn to awaken your powers of intuition through opening this kosha. You will learn the subtle power of mantra and chant to work with your mind, and you’ll gain more teaching practice skills.


Module 5

It’s getting exciting – module 5 is an introduction to the bliss layer or Anandamaya kosha! You’ll learn to access your inner joy through some profound meditations which connect you with your soul. You’ll be more proficient in your teaching skills, and will be preparing for your final assessment.


Module 6

Module six is the final module, when you will be assessed on your teaching skills – so you can graduate as a qualified Dru meditation teacher! You’ll continue your study of the Anandamaya kosha including advanced concentration  techniques to keep your mind focussed no matter what!  You’ll also enjoy some profound techniques to anchor the whole experience of meditation and make it totally practical, on and off the mat.


Please let me know if you’d like more information. Take care, Jane x


Course Dates in Snowdonia

Module 1a     3 - 8 November 2016

or start at Module 1b     19 - 24 January 2017

Module 2   6 - 11 April 2017

Module 3   14 - 19 September 2017

Module 4   30 November - 5 December 2017

Modules 5 to 6 to be arranged in 2018