Overcoming The Fear of Going Out Alone

For some of us it is uncomfortable to go out on our own.

If that is you, contemplate on the fact that it really is ok to go out by yourself. When you are prepared to go it along sometimes instead of hiding away, you have the opportunity to discover who you really are.

You may be like some women, or men, who have only ever been in a couple. You may be faced with being alone because someone you love has died or because many of your friends have passed away.  

For whatever reason, you may not know what its like to feel comfortable going out alone.



Often women feel vulnerable if they at home alone at nights, so the trick is when you first start going out, to go somewhere you feel safe especially if you haven’t been out in some time.

Joining a class is great to help overcome loneliness and the fear of going out, as they are safe. And you can meet like-minded people there too.

Yoga classes are particularly good because of the movement. Dance is good too but yoga changes your physical, emotional and mental alignment.

If you are like a cat caught scared in the headlights at the thought of going out alone, then it’s breath work that will shift that fear.

When people are nervous they simply don’t breathe much and conversely when they breathe purposely it helps them overcome nervousness. So perhaps you can see now how breath work can help with a fear of going out alone.


Abdominal breathe to overcome anxiety

The next time you are anxious about going out alone lie on your back with your knees up and your feet flat on the floor.

Put your hands just above the naval with your thumbs sitting on the diaphragm (the upper stomach) area.

When you breathe in take the air down to the base of the lungs so that your hands are forced to move up with the belly.

Then just let your belly and body sink down into the bed or ground as you breathe out. Then do that deep stomach breathing again.

Abdominal breathing is not always easy if you have haven’t done it before but doing these large belly breaths is how we should really be breathing most of the time.

When you do this breath you are increasing the intake of oxygen into the lungs by 1/3.  You can do it at the start of the day, in the mornings or in the evenings. You can even practice doing it sitting on a chair.  

But lying on the floor allows your trunk to be extended so it’s the easiest way to do it. You can even do this breathing in the car if you are feeling panicky.

You can also extend this abdominal breath with a stretch. Breathe in and reach up as if you are taking a jumper off and then with a taut belly or activated core lean back.  

Enjoy taking in that deep breath and stretch. This type of extended stretch forces you to open your lungs.

Then when you are ready, breathe out deeply and relax.

If you do this exercise properly you expand your heart, lungs, legs and even the fingertips.

Then when you relax your body on the outbreath, just notice any anxiety melting away.

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