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Why Continuing Professional Development?

Yoga and meditation are now broadly accepted by society, and as with all professional disciplines, continuing professional development training is necessary to guarantee our excellent standard as teachers.

Types of Dru continuing professional development (CPD) points

Of your Dru CPD points, a proportion needs to be gained via face-to-face teaching skills training with a Dru teacher trainer. This ensures that you are up to speed with standards of safety, teaching Dru techniques and managing the experience and energetics of your class.

Teaching skills training however is not the only factor that makes you a good Dru teacher. Being an effective Dru teacher is also about your ability to convey the quality of warmth, care and depth that is the ‘Dru essence’. This latter quality is best developed through your own connection with Dru.  

Dru CPD hours are designed to enhance these two aspects of being a Dru teacher and so are made up of: Teaching skills training and Dru connection.

How can I gain Dru CPD points?

Your Dru Professional Development points can be made up of:
1.    Teaching skills training – training (or mentoring) under the guidance of a Dru teacher trainer. For Dru Yoga teachers half of your overall CPD points must be accumulated in this way. For Dru Meditation teachers, 6 points of teaching skills training are required.

You can gain Teaching skills training in ways like:
>    Dru courses and Dru Professional Training events
>    Volunteering at teacher training modules
>    Dru mentorings with tutors
>    Being a reviewer for DMTT and DYTT home-study
>    The Dru Meditation online course, (for Dru Meditation teachers) if supervised by mentorings and a practice record.

2.     Dru connection - this gives you direct contact with the ‘Dru essence’, and may be counted either for yoga or meditation professional development. This can be gained by:

  • Attending Dru workshops or other events in general
  • Volunteering with Dru in ways in which you are in contact with Dru teacher trainers: for example, module support for the type of course you trained in, or helping out in the Dru office etc.
  • Representing Dru to the public in a way that extends your profile AND the national profile of Dru. (This helps you build an experience of the ‘Dru essence’ in two ways: first, it requires you to think deeply about how your yoga or meditation teaching will help the public; second, it will necessitate you having contact with the national Dru team.) e.g Dru team stall support at yoga/health expos, Dru PR etc


How much CPD do I need?

The table below shows you the hours you need. You can accrue your Dru CPD points over two years. This gives you the opportunity to spread your points, perhaps gaining a larger amount in one year and less in the next. We recommend that you do some hours in each year.

These points come from Dru based activities.

Non-Dru activities and workshops do not count towards your CPD.


Teaching skills training
Points over 2 yrs

Dru connection
Points over 2 yrs

Points over 2 years

Dru Yoga Teacher

At least 12 points

Whatever hours remain to make up the required totals


Dru Meditation Teacher

At least 6 points

Whatever hours remain to make up the required totals


What qualifies as teaching skills training?

1.    Dru courses and Dru Professional Training events
2.    Volunteering at teacher training modules
3.    Dru mentorings with tutors
4.    The Dru Meditation online course, if supervised by mentorings and a practice record.

Dru events will advertise the amount of teaching skills training and/or Dru connect points they provide.  For more information on how many points apply to workshops, courses, Dru mentorings and Dru online courses apply see the CPD allocations for courses and events

What if I live in a remote area and can’t get to events?

We completely understand! Australia is a very large place…
If you find it difficult to get to Dru events you can still make up your Dru CPD hours in many ways:
1.    Teaching skills training:

  • Mentorings with Dru teacher trainers to gain teaching skills training points. 
  • Reviewing DMTT or DYTT homestudy – if you keep a record that you are keeping up to date with module recordings.

  • Dru Meditation online course: You can also use the Dru Meditation online course for skills training. If you keep a practice record and do two mentorings, this will give you 6 points of meditation teaching skills CPD.

2.    Dru connection: Another potent way to stay in contact with the Dru essence at a distance is by volunteering at home. You could for example do homework marking, write articles based on interviews with Dru tutors or organise Dru team events in your area etc.

Keeping track of your Dru Professional Development points

The CPD record forms for yoga and meditation help you keep track of your Dru CPD points. Remember you need to accrue both teaching skills training points and Dru connect points.

What if I’m a Dru Yoga AND a Dru Meditation teacher?

If you market yourself as a Dru Yoga teacher then it is important that your yoga teaching is continually being refreshed – hence you need to do the required amount of Dru Yoga teaching skills training.

Similarly if you market yourself as a Dru Meditation teacher, you will need to keep your meditation teaching up to standard by doing teaching skills training in Meditation.

So, if you are teaching as both, you will need to accumulate both Yoga and Meditation teaching skills CPD points – a minimum of 18 points over 2 years. This table summarises the requirements for you:

Dru Yoga teaching skills training

Dru Meditation teaching skills training

Dru connection


At least 12 points
(over 2 years)

At least 6 points
(over 2 years)

12 points or whatever
remains to make up the total

30 points
(over 2 years)

We have tried to make this easy for you to accomplish.

Is it easy to keep up my Dru CPD hours?

We hope you will find it easy to keep up your teaching skills points and Dru connection points. For instance, volunteering on one Dru Yoga teacher training module will give you 12 yoga teaching skills points and 3 meditation teaching skills points. That is your two-yearly quota for yoga and annual quota for meditation!

Many of our Dru Professional Development events give you teaching skills training points for both meditation and yoga.

Why is there a column in the CPD record form for ‘evidence’?

As with many disciplines today, we ask you to keep track of your own CPD points and trust as a Dru teacher you will be honest in your reporting. To guarantee standards to the public, Dru Australia will do random checks each year, so it is important that you keep evidence of the CPD activities you have undertaken.

The column on the CPD record form asks you to note what evidence you can produce to demonstrate that you have in fact accomplished each of your Dru CPD activities. We’ve added some examples so you can see how to do this.

Who can help me with questions about CPD?

If you have any questions about CPD please contact DPN Member Services at




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