Frequently Asked Questions


The Dru Professional Network is the professional body for Dru Yoga teachers. It’s there to support professional Dru Yoga and Meditation teachers and provide resources of use to your yoga teaching. It is the only professional body specifically for Dru Yoga and Meditation teachers.



  1. Am I eligible to join?

    If you are on the Dru Yoga or Meditation Teacher Training course and have passed your interim assessment OR if you have passed the final assessment you are eligible to join. Established teachers are eligible if their Dru CPD hours are up to date and they hold current insurance. More details are at ‘Join The DPN’ web page.

  2. How do I join or renew my membership?

    1. Read the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
    2. Download and complete an application form. This includes a payment form.
    3. Update your CPD record for the last 2 years and send this with your application form and a copy of your CPD record. 
    4. Once your application has been processed you will receive a welcome letter and a letter for your insurance company demonstrating you are a current member of the DPN. The welcome letter will provide you with your login and password for accessing DPN member benefits online as well as a code to redeem your 4 months free access to the online studio.

    Please note we are unable to accept over the phone applications.

  3. I’m not teaching at the moment, can I still join?

    We welcome membership applications from anybody who meets the eligibility criteria, regardless of their teaching status.

  4. Is membership compulsory once I’ve completed the yoga teacher training course?

    We invite all eligible graduates to join as it is a sign of your professional commitment, and access to ongoing services to support your growth as a teacher. It is not compulsory but if you wish to call yourself a Dru Yoga or Dru Meditation teacher you need to be a member of the DPN.

  5. How much is DPN membership?

    For a student teacher the annual fee is $50. For a full member it is $95 . There are pro rata rates for those new members joining later in the membership year, which runs from runs July 1 to June 30. Please note your insurance is extra and arranged separately.

  6. Where can I get professional insurance?

    Dru Professional Network teachers can take advantage of very competitive Professional insurance rates arranged with Arthur J Gallagher

    Arthur J Gallagher cover includes a wide range of services. Arthur J Gallagher can be contacted on 1800 222 012. Please note you must deal directly with Arthur J Gallagher

  7. What’s the Dru CPD hours requirement?

    For DYTT you need a minimum of 24 Dru CPD hours every 2 years, with a minimum of 12 hours (you can have more) of teaching skills training , and the rest being Dru connection time (study or contact time).

    For DMTT you need a minimum of 18 Dru CPD hours every 2 years, with a minimum of 6 hours (you can have more) of teaching skills training, and the rest being Dru connection time (study or contact time). For teachers who are graduates of both DMTT and DYTT, you require 6 hours of specific Meditation teaching skills training, 12 hours of yoga teaching skills training and a combined 12 hours of Dru Connection for a total of 30 hours.

    We highly recommend that you do some professional hours in each year.

    For more information see the 'About CPD' webpage.

  8. What’s the Code of Conduct?

    Like most professional bodies, the DPN has a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that acts as a guide for teachers in their interactions with clients and outlines DPN policies you need to know about. It covers issues such as your responsibilities as a teacher, advertising and website guidelines, professional standards and more.

    We have two codes - one for yoga teachers and one for meditation teachers. For students teachers, please refer to the teacher guidelines and code of conduct in your course handbook.

    It’s important to read it when you sign it at the time of joining the DPN. If you have any queries about the Code of Conduct, please contact the DPN Member Services team.


  10. What are the benefits of the DPN, why would I join?
    By joining the Dru Professional Network you know that Dru is standing behind you and your qualification. You also join a vibrant and growing community of Dru yoga teachers who remain connected to Dru. Our members enjoy benefits such as:

  • A personal login to the members’ pages of the DPN website where you will find teacher tips and marketing ideas
  • Access to professional insurance from Arthur J Gallagher
  • 4 months free membership of the Dru Yoga Online Studio £48 (approximately $77, depending on the exchange rate)
  • 2 months free on the Dru Online meditation course (saving of $90)
  • Find A Teacher service on the Dru Australia website
  • 30% discount on bulk orders (over $150) of Dru products including books, CDs and DVDs when ordered by phone
  • Free artwork for posters, flyers and websites
  • 20% discount at most Dru workshops
  • 30% discount on yoga clothing from the UK organic company Carrot Banana Peach
  • Access to our dedicated team of tutors for Dru Yoga/Meditation support
  • A referral service for graduates from the Dru website and from the National Dru office, so that when people call up asking for classes in your area we recommend you to them
  • Inclusion for graduates on one of Australia’s most popular listing of yoga teachers—Australian Yoga Life website (this alone is normally valued at $75)
  • Permission to use the Dru Registered teacher logo or Dru Student logo and DPN after your name —eg Your Name, DPN


  1. My login doesn’t seem to work,
    what do I do?

    You will have received a new username in May 2015 superceding your username and password provided in your joining letter.  If you have any difficulties please email or call the DPN team for assistance.

  2. Do you send me a reminder when my membership is due for renewal?

    The new membership year starts on July 1. About a month before this we will send a reminder notice to each member individually.

  3. Who can help me with questions about my membership or the DPN in general?

    The DPN Member Services team is available to help you by phone during business hours on 02 6161 1462, or email


  1. How do I access 'My Account'?

    On any page in the DPN website, click 'My Account / Login' in the top right of your screen. The links look slightly different if you are in different parts of - for instance if you are in the Dru Yoga online studio. 
  2. What if I've forgotten my password?

    Click 'My Account / Login' (top right of your screen)
    Click 'Request new password'.
    An email will be sent to the address associated with your user account.
  3. How do I change my username or password?

    Click 'My Account / Login' (top right of your screen)
    Login if you aren't already (request a new password as above if necessary)
    Click the 'Edit' tab - and change your username, email address or password.
  4. How do I change my Find a Teacher info?
    Go into My Account and click the Edit tab (point 3 above)
    You will see some sub-tabs in the top right of the page - click 'Dru Yoga Teachers - your Find a Teacher listings'
    Change whatever details you want.
  5. I'm confused - what do I do?

    Call us in the office in Canberra, quick! +61 2 6161 1462.
    Or email us on


  1. What is the Find A Teacher service? 

    The Find A Teacher service is a complimentary service for DPN members. Here’s how it works: when you fill in your DPN application form, you give us the contact details you are happy for us to provide to people inquiring about Dru yoga teachers in their area.

    You can choose to provide the postcode where you teach, a telephone contact, an email address and your website address. We will only provide the details we have your permission to give out, to protect your privacy.

    For student teachers, a telephone referrals service is available. Full members are eligible to have a listing in the Find A Teacher feature on the Dru Australia website . If your details change please let us know. We can only provide a good service to your potential clients if we have up to date information from you.

  2. How do I change my Find a Teacher info?

    See point 4 in Log in queries, above
  3. We'll be adding more points here soon!

    If you have any questions call us in Canberra: +61 2 6161 1462.
    Or email us on






       Membership forms:                      

DPN 2015/16 membership renewal and application form

DPN Yoga Teachers Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

DPN Meditation Teachers Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

CPD guidelines and record forms