Dru Sound

Dru Sound Certificate Course 

(no prerequisite training is needed for this certificate)

The Dru Sound Course is the ideal way to explore the power of sound.

The Dru Sound Certificate course is designed to give you the opportunity to explore the science of vibration and sacred sound, and to learn how to use sound to align your body, mind and spirit. 

The course is suitable for everyone...  whether or not you have prior experience of Dru, and there are no prerequisites. 

'I was always told as a child that I couldn't sing and was always asked to sing quietly. Consequently this had the desired effect and my self-esteem was low. Attending a sound workshop in Wales was an eye-opener (if not a voicebox opener)! It was amazing to share sounds with people and not be laughed at or ridiculed.' 
Jean Nelson, United Kingdom 

If you have already trained as a Dru Yoga or Dru Meditation teacher, tapping in to the  world of Dru Sound will allow you to add a depth to your experience that you have  never felt before! 

Level 1 of the course is offered over 2 four day modules.  
We'll then offer Level 2 the following year if there is sufficient interest. 

On the Level 1 course you will learn:

  • Vocal power and the energetics of voice projection
  • Sacred powers of sound
  • Finding your own unique tone
  • Dru master sounds
  • Chanting and mantra and group singing
  • The importance of breath and breathing exercises
  • Deep listening skills
  • An introduction to Indian music system
  • Vocal harmonics and pure tones
  • The principles of resonance and entrainment
  • Meditation, movement & sound
  • The sounds of the chakras, their power and importance
  • Leading chanting groups

On the Level 2 course you will learn:

  • Pitch and timbre and voice stabilisation
  • Mantras to help to heal your emotions, empower creativity and greatly increase self-esteem
  • Healing with sound
  • The principles of, rhythm, melody and harmony
  • The Dru Sound Freedom Technique

Dru Sound Freedom Technique 
Level 2 of the course teaches the Dru Sound Freedom Technique – a unique combination of yoga kriya and power sounds designed to unlock your vocal potential. 

In your progression towards mastery of sound as part of a carefully guided program, you will develop knowledge of the sounds which form the key to opening up your energy system in relation to your own unique expression of sound.

If you've ever felt as though you can't sing, this course will help you to find your natural voice and teach you how to project yourself whether speaking or singing. 

'The Sound workshop I attended was fantastic. It was amazing how the energy in the whole auditorium shifted after singing just a few scales and brought home to me what a powerful medium sound is to help reconnect and come to a place of quiet and peace within myself. I cannot recommend highly enough the expertise of the Dru team.' 
Kirstie Smith, United Kingdom 


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