About CPD (Updated October 2016)

Why Continuing Professional Development?

Yoga and meditation are now broadly accepted by society, and as with all professional disciplines, continuing professional development training is necessary to guarantee our excellent standard as teachers.

Keeping up to date with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and maintaining records of it enables lets you keep your Dru Professional Network (DPN) membership current.

The CPD programme offered is designed to help you stay up to date with Dru and refresh your teaching skills.

Under the DPN Code of Professional Conduct, you agree to do regular CPD. This means that Dru can confidently stand behind your qualification.

When you join the DPN please ensure you complete the CPD form and forward this with your DPN application form or email your CPD record if you join online.


        Membership forms:

Latest application form for the DPN

CPD Record (Latest Apr '16)

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

DPN full member Code of Ethics
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How much CPD do I need?

For the first year after your final Dru Yoga Teacher Training day there is no CPD requirement.

Following this first year, you need a minimum of 12 CPD points over a year, with a minimum of 6 points professional development.  

How do I acquire my CPD points?

You acquire CPD points from attendance at events or doing online courses.  1 hour of attendance = 1 CPD point unless otherwise stated.

For a list of 2016/7 events, please scroll to the bottom

Professional development may come from attending Dru events that upgrade your skills or include reference to teaching methodology such as posture modification or enhancing the effect on the koshas etc.

This includes ( but is not limited to):

  • Specific CPD events and workshops
  • YogiYou (Dru Kids and Dru Teens)
  • Dru Pre-Natal Yoga Therapy course
  • Dru Back Care Therapy Course
  • Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course
  • Dru Dance (postgrad level)
  • Refresher training on current Dru Yoga Teacher training courses
  • Being a DYTT support tutor 
  • Receiving Dru Mentoring for professional development (eg,  how to teach 1:1 yoga, lesson planning, business skills, etc.  This can be done in person or by phone or skype)
  • Dru Yoga Therapy Diploma Course
  • Online Studio reflective practice (3 hours only)

Please note that 1 hour of professional development mentoring = 3 CPD points     *Please remember that mentoring can be arranged via Skype, phone or in person*

Personal development comes from general contact hours with Dru senior tutors, such as:  

  • Open Dru courses or workshops
  • Attending yoga holidays and retreats at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge
  • Dru Gita Correspondence Course 
  • Dru Meditation Online Course 
  • Use of the Online Studio with written reflection
  • Receiving Dru mentoring for personal development.  **This can be done in person or by phone or skype**

Please note that 1 hour personal development individual mentoring = 3 CPD points

A Frequently asked Question is this:

May I include other related training in my CPD record?

As long as that training and your reflection on that training answers this question, "How do I keep myself refreshed as a Dru Yoga Teacher?" you may include other related training on your CPD record.

If the training you have done has helped you develop rather than be refreshed as as Dru Yoga Teacher, then you can consider it as Professional Development.

Who can help me with questions about CPD?

If you have any questions about CPD, or are having difficulty fulfilling these requirements please contact Jill in the DPN Office at info@drunetwork.com or phone 01248 602900 ext 213, leaving a brief message and a good time to return your call if you get the answerphone.


Calender Events

 2016/7 Events from the Dru Snowdonia Retreat Brochure and Post Grad Events with CPD points  2017 if not stated

Event Dates  CPD Personal Development Points CPD Professional Development Points
Yoga Nutrition & Detox 25 - 27 Nov 2016, 1 - 3 Sep 2017 6 6
Gita and Meditation 1 - 5 Dec 2016 , 7 - 11 Dec 2017 6 9
Yoga & Dance 27 - 29 Jan 2017 , 6 - 8 Oct 2017 6 6
Ayurveda Certificate course (started Feb 2016) Points per module 6 6
Yoga & Mudra 3 - 6 Feb 2017 3 9
Ayurveda tailored for you 3 - 5 Mar 6 6
Meditation Retreat 10 - 12 Mar 9 3
Yoga & Walking 31 Mar - 3 Apr, 26 - 29 May, 3 - 6 Aug 6 0
Advanced Meditation 27 Apr - 1 May 6 18
Yoga and Weightloss 2 - 4 June 6 6
Yantra Special Retreat 7 - 11 Sep 12 12
Detox Retreat - Ama Pachana 20 - 24 Sep 18 6
Yoga & Dance 6 - 8 Oct 6 6
Advanced Mudra 12 - 16 Oct 6 18

 Many other CPD events advertised on the Calendar

2016/7 CPD Day Events in Scotland - CPD points = Number of hours attended

Date Location Tutor
Postponed to 2017 Denny (tbd) Lalita Doerstel on Mudras

Please contact scotland@druworldwide.com or call 01324 820392 for more information and for booking.