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Dru pre-natal yoga

Dru Pre-natal Yoga

For DPN members and graduates of Dru Yoga teacher training course only.

A comprehensive course providing the knowledge and practical skills to confidently and safely teach yoga classes to pregnant women. Explore how to empower women to trust in the miracle of birth and to utilise yogic techniques to face the challenges of pregnancy, labour and birth:

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    This module is full of wonderful information and inspiration which will not only be useful in a pre-natal class, but in all classes and will enhance my own practice.

    Give women practical skills for managing pregnancy.
  • Offer highly effective self-help tools to ease back pain and many other pregnancy-related aches and problems.
  • Assist in balancing the emotional swings of pregnancy.
  • Help women to move with poise, grace and confidence as their bodies change.
  • Improve a woman's concentration and focus, thus supporting the birthing process.
  • Tone the body, relax the mind and prepare a woman to trust the miracle of birth.


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Fundamental principles:

  • Energetic effects of pregnancy.
  • Safety.

  • Creating a nurturing and safe environment.

  • Importance of touch.

  • Social contact. 

  • Honouring of pregnancy.

Beneficial practices to establish during pregnancy

  • Asanas and sequences.
  • Most effective breathing practices for pregnancy and labour.
  • Relaxation techniques specific to pregnancy. 
  • Specific meditation practices for prenatal women.
  • Developing concentration skills.
  • Affirmations to change unhelpful emotional patterns.

Maintaining optimal health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy

  • Learn to balance hormonal and emotional fluctuations.
  • Develop skills for dealing with the effects of stress during pregnancy and labour.
  • Effective self-help tools to ease back pain and many other pregnancy related problems.

Teaching methods

  • Catering for pregnant women in a general yoga class.
  • Alignment and modifications for lying, sitting, standing – using various props.
  • How to identify special needs of different students.

Anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and childbirth

  • Changes to and demands on the musculo-skeletal frame.
  • Strengthening core stability muscles including pelvic floor.
  • Ways to enhance optimal foetal positioning.

Preparing for childbirth

  • Running a partner class, specially for birthing support people - sharing a variety of pain-relieving techniques, partner massage and partner stretches.


  • Guidelines on a gentle home programme during the first 6 weeks after the birth of the baby.

  • Designing postnatal classes – key principles.

Getting started 

  • Lesson themes.
  • Useful references and contacts.
  • Setting up classes.
  • Networking with midwives and other groups.


Practical assessments will be ongoing. There will be guided practical teaching exercises at every stage of the course with tutors observing and providing feedback.


1. A case study – following the journey of a mother as she progresses through the pregnancy.

2. Designing lesson plans for three specific groups or individuals.

3. Required reading and reflective study


On successful completion of the course you will be awarded a post graduate certificate in teaching Dru pre-natal yoga.

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