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£195 DPN Member bonus

£195 DPN Member bonus

£195 DPN Member bonus (starts 2021)

We're excited to welcome you to the £195 DPN member bonus scheme, designed to 'thank you' for referring and signing a friend onto the Dru Yoga teacher training course. The new bonus of £195 is offered for courses starting from 2021.  

Do you feel happier, healthier and more yourself for having done your Dru training course? 
Do you have the passion to share it and want others to benefit in that same way?
Then have a think about who of your students/friends may be suitable and interested in starting a Teacher training course. See whether they would like to come for a Try Out day, or just for the first module to give them a taste of what it would be like to be on the course. You are the best advocate for Dru as you know them best and can tell them all about your experience! 

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Confidence & Wellbeing coach, Hebden Bridge

DYTT in a beautiful safe space in which to explore body and mind and come out sparkling! Peace of mind, awareness, grace and a sense of belonging are just a few of the results.

How can I use my bonus

You will receive your bonus as a discount off a future Dru event, retreat or training course when someone you've recommended joins the Dru Yoga teacher training course and passes the half way point in that course. We expect you to be a DPN member so that we can be assured that your teaching is regularly refreshed by keeping your CPD up to date and having teacher insurance.  If you are not a DPN member, then you will have to join the DPN using £65 of the bonus as long as you have done sufficient CPD.  Sorry, this benefit is not available to those teachers who do not fulfill these requirements.

It is really important that you send your form in to the DPN as soon as (or before) your student start their training course.  Vouchers cannot be accepted if the student has completed their course.

How to apply

  1. your name must be referred to in the student’s application form
  2. download the bonus form
  3. send the completed form to the DPN while your student is still on the course
  4. your bonus voucher will be activated once your student is half way on their teacher training course - please notify the DPN office when that happens for your student.  
  5. email Jill at the DPN office (info@drunetwork.com)
  6. A voucher will be credited to you on your Dru Account
  7. Please contact Jill if you have referred a student on to an earlier course which is still running and use this form- (NB No referrals are accepted for courses which have completed)

'Thank you', for making a difference in the lives of your students.

You can use your bonus voucher towards events or Online Studio or DPN memberships.

How do I use my voucher?

For Dru events, please book via our course administrator at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, contact her by email:  hello@druworldwide.com. Remember to give your voucher number to receive your referral credits. The credit will have been added to your payments tab on your Dru account with the DTR (Dru Teacher's Referral) reference number.

To use your voucher to buy subscription to the DPN or Online Studio, contact the DPN co-ordinator at info@drunetwork.com 


Do you have a student or friend you could refer?

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