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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Keeping your CPD up-to-date

Keeping up-to-date with CPD and maintaining records enables you to keep your DPN membership current. 

You need 24 CPD points over 2 years beginning immediately after you graduate from your training course

DPN members acquire 1 CPD point for every hour of training with Dru, 1 CPD point for every hour of training with other registered schools, 1 CPD point for every hour of self-guided study, 2 CPD points for every hour of mentoring with a senior Dru tutor (scroll down for more details).

Four ways to obtain CPD points

CPD points may be obtained in four ways (see below). Please note that it is also possible to gain all 24 CPD points from ‘Training with Dru’.

  1. Training with Dru - We recommend a minimum of 6 CPD points over two years from attending Dru post-graduate events, Dru masterclasses, Dru training courses, Dru mentoring sessions, or volunteering with Dru.

  2. Training with other schools of yoga - We recommend a maximum of 12 CPD points over two years from training with other registered schools. 

  3. Self-guided study - We recommend a maximum of 6 CPD points over two years from self-guided study. Self-guided study includes reading or studying around your professional interest. The self-guided study can also include the study of Dru online courses or Dru Online Studio with written reflection. DPN members are required to submit (in your supplementary table located within 'My CPD Record') a summary of the main learnings from self-study and how you have incorporated these into your teaching or therapist practice.

  4. Mentoring with Dru senior trainers - We recommend a maximum of 6 points over two years. 2 CPD points are awarded for every hour of mentoring with a Dru senior trainer.

For Ayurveda Health Coaches only
A minimum of 12 CPD points over two years is required from Ayurveda-related training. 

If in doubt about how many CPD points you receive for different events check this sample list

What if I have more than one Dru qualification?

  • You need 24 CPD points in total (over 2 years) regardless of how many branches of Dru you are qualified in. 
  • Your CPD points should be spread across the subjects that you use in your professional practice.
  • If you are a multi-qualified DPN member, we recommend a personal mentoring session with a senior Dru tutor to help you design your CPD pathway.

Can I include other related training in my CPD record?

Yes, in general up to 12 CPD points over two years of training from non-Dru providers can be used for your CPD. On occasion, additional points from non-Dru providers can be used. If unsure, please check with the DPN team.

What if I have been a DPN member for ten years or more?

  • If you have been a Dru Yoga Teacher and a DPN member for 10 years or more, then you are exempt from recording CPD points.

Recording your CPD

Your CPD points will be recorded automatically when you book events etc online at druyoga.com or dru.com.au. 

Go to: My CPD Record

You can also enter any additional CPD points you have gained from other activities in the supplementary table on the same page.  

For support with the online form or if you have any questions, please contact your DPN Co-ordinator.

DPN-UK info@drunetwork.com  

DPN-AUS network@dru.com.au

For the record 

CPD is recorded every year and assessed over the two years before renewal of DPN membership.  This is the case for all full DPN members.  You start accruing CPD points as soon as you graduate.

Your CPD record may include records of learning through Dru, through other approved providers, self-guided study, and learning through Dru mentoring. Your CPD record must be kept current and correct and be available to furnish in the event of an audit. Dru assists in this process by making available to DPN members a printout of CPD points they have accrued through the completion of Dru courses and it provides an online template for reporting other CPD activities.