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DPN Benefits with links

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One of the great advantages of undertaking our Dru Yoga teacher training course or Dru Meditation teacher training course is the continued support and inspiration you receive not only during your course, but after graduation as well.

Dru Yoga teachers

Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teachers

Be part of a professional and supportive network

Be part of a supportive network

Our graduates really enjoy being part of a supportive network that is committed to helping you become a successful Dru Yoga teacher and/or Dru Meditation teacher. We do this through our Dru Professional Network, or 'DPN' for short.

You can join the DPN upon graduation from the Dru Yoga teacher or Dru Meditation teacher training courses and passing your final assessment.


anouschka dack

Anouschka dack

Dru Yoga teacher trainer

The Dru Professional Network is an excellent resource of materials and information ranging from marketing tips through to teaching advice. 

The DPN has many benefits

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Radhe Patel, singer, Dru Yoga teacher

There are so many benefits to joining the DPN

For qualified Dru Yoga & Dru Meditation teachers

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Dru Professional Network

Support and inspiration for you - and so much more ...

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