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Frequently Asked Questions

Join or Renew your DPN membership here >.  To submit your CPD, you can also use our online form here >. Then sign that you agree to the 'Code of Professional Conduct': for yoga and meditation teachers > and for ayurveda  health coaches > and email to info@drunetwork.com with your payment details. 

Online joining is almost immediate, and you can get your insurance with Balens at specially negotiated rates - see the page on insurance once you have joined the DPN.

DPN membership is £65 per year for Dru Yoga Teachers. There are lower annual rates for those not based in the UK as insurance benefits via Balens is only applicable for those teaching in the UK.  Please contact the DPN for more details.    Please note your insurance is extra and arranged separately.


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Dru has negotiated preferential rates for professional insurance with Balens. The cover includes a wide range of services and you may add other therapies mostly at no additional cost. Balens can be contacted on 01684 893 006. Please note you must deal directly with Balens to arrange your insurance. Members with a login can see the page on Insurance >

The year begins when you join!  We run a rolling year membership.

For Dru Yoga teachers the first 12 months after your final training day, there is no Continuing Professional Development requirement. After this, the CPD requirement is 30 points over two years. 1 hour of an event = 1 point. 1 hour of one-to-one mentoring = 2 points.  

For more information, see About CPD >

Like most professional bodies, the DPN has a Code of Professional Conduct that acts as a guide for teachers and health coaches in their interactions with clients and outlines DPN policies you need to know about. It covers issues such as your responsibilities as a teacher or health coach, advertising and website guidelines, professional standards and more.

You can read the Codes of Professional Conduct via the links below.

It’s important to read it before you tick that you agree at the time of joining the DPN. If you have any queries about the Code of Professional Conduct, please contact the DPN Member Services team.

Please take time to read these important guidelines for Dru Yoga teachers, Dru Meditation teachers and Ayurveda Health Coaches.

The 'Find a Teacher' service is a complimentary service for DPN members. Here’s how it works: about a month after you join we will send you a link to create your Dru Web Page and advertise your classes/clinics.  When you fill in your DPN application form, you give us the contact details you are happy for us to provide to people inquiring about Dru teachers or health coaches in their area.

You can choose to provide the postcode where you teach or hold your clinics, a telephone contact, an email address and your website address as well as a space where you can describe what you offer in more detail - this is called "Locale and info" and you need to update that yourself online.  We will only provide details that we have your permission to give out, in order to protect your privacy.

Full members are eligible to have a listing in the 'Find a Teacher' or 'Find a Health Coach' feature on the druyoga.com website. If your details change, you can update them yourself when you log in to your account by clicking "EDIT" and choosing 'Find a Teacher' or 'Find a Health Coach'.  If this is difficult for you to do, please let us know and we can update your details for you.  Please help us keep the information current so that we provide a good service to your potential students.

By joining the Dru Professional Network, you join a vibrant and growing community of Dru Yoga teachers and health coaches who remain connected to Dru.

Our members enjoy benefits such as a personal login which gives access to the members’ only pages of the DPN website where you will find:

  • professional insurance at substantially lower rates for UK teachers and health coaches
  • monthly e-newsletter
  • post graduate events - CPD
  • 4 months free with Dru Online studio, then discounted subscription
  • discounted rate on selected CPD events and courses
  • up to 30% discount on most Dru products from the Dru Online Shop
  • members' only resources such as health forms you can use for your classes
  • access to the latest research on the effectiveness of Dru Yoga 
  • 2 months free when enrolling on the Dru Online meditation course
  • 'Find a Dru Yoga teacher' and 'Find a Health Coach' service on our website
  • social media guides
  • 10% discount off Carrot Banana Peach yoga clothing

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password using the request new password link.  If you have difficulties, please email us at info@drunetwork.com and we will reset it for you. (Remember that your login will only give you access to the members only pages if your membership is current). 

About a month before your membership is due to end, we will write to you letting you know that your membership is due for renewal. If your membership is on 'auto renew', this will be automatic. 

The DPN Member Services team is available to help you via email info@drunetwork.com.