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Teacher and Health Coach Insurance

  • ​​​​​​£33.75 for DPN full members
    (special first-year rate)
  • £43.89 for DPN full members
    (after first-year)
  • Balens Application Form

Extremely wide insurance cover

​​​​​​​As a DPN member you are entitled to discounted insurance through Balens Ltd, specialist insurance brokers for health and wellbeing professionals. The insurance package offers extremely wide cover for Dru Yoga Teachers, Dru Meditation Teachers and Dru Ayurveda Health Coaches living in the UK. This offer has been arranged through Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers and the insurers are Zurich and DAS Legal Expenses.

Many additional therapies/activities can be covered under a Balens insurance policy for no additional premium subject to qualifications.

Balens have a very helpful and supportive team of people who understand the yoga and wellbeing industry.

  • Balens insurance is for individuals only (including proprietor-only limited companies).
  • If you employ, pay or use other health and wellbeing professionals, or if you take payments, bookings or advertise for others, this policy may not be suitable.  Because Dru has a customised insurance scheme with Balens, you are eligible for discounted rates. Contact the Balens Affinities Team, email info@balens.co.uk or phone 01684 580771.

Click here to get your DPN certificate as proof of membership for you to obtain insurance.

What does the policy cover?

  • The policy provides cover for Professional, Public and Products liability. The limit of indemnity for DPN members is £6,000,000.
  • Cover extends to protect UK residents teaching abroad for temporary trips (this excludes cover for the USA/Canada – if you require this please contact Balens).
  • Retroactive cover for previously insured work.   
  • Unlimited coverage for claims that arise after you stop teaching providing the policy was in place at the time the incident occurred.
  • Cover for up to £100,000 for HRMC investigation and criminal allegations.
  • Free legal advice helpline.  
  • Click here for more information in the Key Points document.

Apply for Insurance with Balens

  1. Download and complete pages 6 & 7 (Declaration Form) of the 'Balens Application Form →
  2. Balens will ask you for a copy of your DPN certificate. which you can download your DPN Certificate Here →.
  3. Send the above two items to Balens via email info@balens.co.uk or by post to: 

Contact Balens

info@balens.co.uk    |    01684 580771