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DPN Members blogs


Thanks to DPN and Dru Office team member, Jane Gahan for this blog

2019 has been quite a year for bringing Environmental awareness to the mainstream.
We have all been made very aware of the real threat of ‘Climate Change’ which is affecting our beautiful planet through the much publicized actions of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough’s amazing documentaries and impassioned speeches. Thanks to these (and many other) amazing human beings everyone of us is taking action to help preserve our beautiful Mother earth.

Here are a few pointers and ideas to help you enjoy a happy and sustainable Yuletide 2019:


  • 1st - Please keep up with your recycling efforts, you are doing a great job.
  • 2nd - Treat yourself to a real Christmas tree with root system so you can plant it in the earth after the festivities.
  • 3rd - Have a sort out of your wardrobe. Clear out any items you really do not wear anymore (be honest). Keep a few red hue items place them to one side and put the rest in a pile ready to take to the charity shop.
  • 4th - Take aforesaid clothes to charity shop. While you are there check out the rails of amazing clothes on offer and discover your Christmas party outfit. Perhaps a pre-loved gift to give or some board games to entertain. Or even a good book to snuggle up with.
  • 5th - Go for a walk to the Park or, (if you are lucky enough) the forest or the beach. Collect any interesting looking fallen branches or twigs, pine cones, nuts, feathers, pebbles, shells, various flotsam and jetsam etc.
  • 6th - Have a crafty creative day. Use the red hue clothing items from ‘3rd’ and the foraged items from ‘5th’ to create beautiful collages, cards, wreathes, dreamcatchers and little drawstring pouches filled with sweet treats.
  • 7th - If you are still struggling to find a present have a look on Ebay or other second hand online shopping sites such as: shpock, gumtree etc. Try to source items on offer from people closer to your home (helps to keep your carbon footprint down).
  • 8th  - Buy any new gifts from Fairtrade certified or other certified suppliers. Dimensions have a great range of gifts on offer.
  • 9th  - Get involved with local community events such as Christmas carol singing, food and craft fairs, farmers markets, school nativities etc.
  • 10th - Have a perusal at all the lovely retreats on offer on the Dru Yoga website for 2020 after all there is only one you, look after yourself.