Dru Yoga back care course

Dru Yoga back care course

Dru Yoga back care course

A diploma level course, which is open to qualified Dru Yoga teachers and teachers from other accredited yoga schools. 






Dru Back Care

Work confidently with clients who experience back pain.

Will this course benefit my classes

The Dru Yoga back care course is a 24 hour course. It is designed to enable you to work confidently with clients who experience back pain, using therapeutic techniques from Dru Yoga.

The course is a part of our postgraduate education programme and can be undertaken as a stand-alone module. You will study current guidelines for back care in the NHS, current medical management and potential diagnoses that yoga teachers encounter with their class participants.  




Lucy Bannister Dru Yoga teacher

Lucy bannister, 

dru yoga teacher, West yorkshire

I went on the Back Pain foundation course because I have suffered with back pain, and many of my family have, for many years and I know how amazing Dru Yoga can be to help with this. The course has given me both knowledge and confidence to teach specific classes for those with back pain, and to bring my learning into my normal classes. It has also helped me personally by giving me a deeper understanding of my own pain and the behaviours associated to it. It was a process of discovery and learning that I feel privileged to have been able to undertake and I look forward to be passing on the benefits to my students.

What is included

The course will examine back problems through an understanding of koshas, chakras and prana; how the practice of Dru Yoga benefits the spine and how yoga can be adapted for back problems.  

Participants on this course will conduct a series of classes for people with back problems and then complete a written reflection of their experience between the first and second weekend. On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.


  • To give yoga teachers deeper knowledge, skills and confidence when teaching clients with back problems. 
  • To help yoga teachers recognise some of the common imbalances / problems associated with back pain.
  • To train yoga teachers to run effective back care classes safely. 




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What will I learn

Dru yoga - Salututation to the four directions

Develop and deepen your teaching skills

  • the common conditions of the back that will be encountered by yoga teachers
  • anatomy, physiology and pathology of back conditions
  • asanas tailored to the therapeutic relief of back pain
  • evidence base for therapeutic yoga and other approaches for managing back pain
  • specific techniques for deep relaxation of the spine
  • introduction to the therapeutic use of the kosha and chakra models in back care 


  • The course will include a combination of lectures, practical yoga and teaching sessions with time to practice the skills you are learning
  • Reflective practice portfolio assignment between weekends one and two and small group practical assessments on the final day.




Increase knowledge and confidence for teaching yoga to students with back problems


Course materials

You will be provided with a course manual, pdf templates of class plans, home practice sheets to give to your students and a pre-class health questionnaire.






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Next Back Care course in the Midlands starts 2nd June 2018 - see the Trainings and Advanced carousel by scrolling down the home page at
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When will the next back care course take place? THANKS.