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Dru Yoga therapy diploma

Dru Yoga therapy diploma

Dru Yoga Therapy diploma

The Dru Yoga therapy diploma course is taught by an international team of yoga, health and medical professionals. This cutting edge course brings together ancient wisdom and modern complementary medicine.

Deb Ryan - teaching cat posture

Deb Ryan

Dru Yoga teacher trainer

This course enables you to:

  • deepen your knowledge of yoga as a therapy
  • assist your clients with a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions
  • establish your own clinic working with small groups and individuals liaising with health professionals to ensure optimum care for your clients
  • make an impact on the health of your students & clients.

Learn Dru Yoga Therapy and have confidence in creating specific therapeutic programmes to promote health and work with a variety of conditions. Whether you include yoga therapy in the classroom, or whether you wish to start a Dru Yoga Therapy practice, you will find this course perfect for you.


This course is accredited in both the UK and Australasia.  Further details are on the regional page.

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Dru Yoga teacher

I taught a six week Dru Yoga Therapy programme to a client who had uncontrolled epilepsy and chronic pain - which prevented him from sleeping more than two hours at a time. He now takes no painkillers and sleeps all night.

Who is this course for?

We are looking for experienced yoga teachers who are looking to develop their knowledge and skills to work in the field of yoga therapy.  Yoga therapy is an emerging therapeutic approach for individuals and small groups to help heal a wide range of specific conditions and promote health.

Dru Yoga and therapy

The Dru Yoga approach is based in yoga therapy. All Dru Yoga practices are designed to use the panch-kosha, or five layer system that is integral to understanding the causes of illness and help find yoga solutions.

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