Join or renew - DPN Australasia (revised)

Join or renew - DPN Australasia (revised)

Join or renew - DPN Australasia

The Dru Professional Network is the professional body for qualified Dru Yoga and Meditation teachers and student teachers of the Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation course. It offers support, services and benefits to its members.

More than that, it's YOUR network.

Keep abreast with new ideas in Dru and take your skills to a new level by exploring asanas and sequences in depth.  Continue to explore Dru concepts and take your professionalism to the next level. Become part of a vibrant, professional community and share the love!

Dru yoga - group performing the Seat of Compassion sequence on the beach

Have an ongoing connection with Dru

DPN Membership Fees

Full member               $95

Associate member     $65  (non-teaching graduate member)
Student member        $50

When people finish their course, they often miss the Dru connection and wish their course could have continued

One of the benefits that can't be measured is the continuing Dru connection

How to join or renew

DPN full members - click the join or renew button below for either Australia or New Zealand and complete your application online.  Existing members - you can renew online by clicking one of the buttons below at the anniversary of your joining date.

Dru Yoga or Dru Meditation students - you can join once you have passed the interim assessment for student DPN membership.  Once students graduate, they become entitled to upgrade their membership to become a full member.

Associate members - please contact the Dru Australia office and we'll sign you up over the phone.

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Join the Dru Professional Network

Two easy steps to join or renew your membership

Full members: before joining or renewing please read the DPN Code of Conduct and fill in the application form by clicking the purple button above. Meditation teachers, please read the Code of Ethics Dru Meditation teachers.  

Renewing members: please check your automatically populated My CPD diary and if necessary update your own supplementary record of CPD prior to renewing. Student members: please familiarise yourself with the student teacher guidelines:

1. EITHER click the purple button below to join or renew online OR

    phone the Dru Australia office 02 6161 1462 for assistance

2. THEN if completing your renewal online, Full members please forward a copy of your CPD record separately to:

Dru Professional Network
Dru Australia
PO Box 448
Mawson ACT 2607

OR Scan your CPD record and send it via email to the DPN.

AUS join as a student or full member


NZ join as a student or full member



1. If applying or renewing online, you can instantly pay securely via the online payment system as part of the application process.

Manual Application

2. If you're completing your application manually or with help from the Dru office then for the SECURITY of your credit card details, the payment form MUST NOT BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY.
You can scan and send the application forms to send to the DPN but then you need to phone through your payment.


If you have questions or problems with any of the steps, please contact us and we'll help you.


Telephone Alison, Kate or Deb in the Dru Australia office on 02 6161 1462

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