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Join the DPN

Join the Dru Professional Network

The DPN is the professional body for qualified Dru Yoga teachers and student teachers of Dru Yoga & Dru Meditation. It offers support, services and benefits to its members.




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Join the Dru Professional Network

Your network of Dru teachers

Who can join the DPN?


  • Student Dru Yoga teachers who have passed their interim assessment
  • Graduate Dru Yoga teachers who are up to date with CPD and hold current insurance
  • Graduate Dru Meditation teachers who are up to date with CPD and hold current insurance
  • Graduates of either the Dru Yoga or Dru Meditation teacher training courses can join the DPN as non-teaching members.  They receive all the benefits of the Full DPN members except access to marketing posters and the insurance.  There is no need for CPD as this group are not teaching.  However, if a non teaching member wants to start teaching, their CPD needs to be up to date.



DPN members price list

We now run a 'rolling' membership year, so the date you become a full member is the date your renewal will be each year. 



Happy Dru meditator near a waterfall

Members receive support, services & benefits

Join now and become part of a worldwide family of Dru teachers

UK Annual membership fees:

Student member £45

Full member

(Yoga only or Yoga and Meditation)

Non teaching member


Meditation teacher only £45







Those not resident in the UK who want to belong to the DPN-UK

Student member         £25
Full member £35                         





It's easy to join or renew your membership

UK based yoga teachers can join online, all others need to download an application form.


UK based teachers can join the DPN online

See below for application forms



Enjoy all the benefits of being a DPN member

  • Marketing tips
  • Dru teachers' experiences
  • Posters, logos & business cards
  • Find a class service
  • Teaching resources
  • to name but a few ........

Application form

Full members:

  • Before joining or renewing please read the DPN full member Code of Professional Conduct​ and sign the form to confirm that you agree to abide by this code.
  • Renewing members (who have completed their training over one year ago) should update their own record of CPD prior to renewing and attach with their application form.

Student members:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Student teacher guidelines
  • Before joining or renewing please read the DPN student member Code of Professional Conduct​ and sign the form, which confirms that you have agreed to abide by this code.


Codes of Professional Conduct and Application Forms

3 different codes of professional conduct 2 different membership forms
Registered Dru Yoga teacher DPN - UK resident
Registered Dru Meditation teacher DPN - not resident in UK
Student Dru Yoga teacher  




Dru Yoga teacher training testimonial, Leisa


Actress, Y Felinheli

I have found a new inner strength that I thought I had lost forever, a renewed sense of confidence in myself, and a joy in life, in nature, in the ‘little’ things. I know when things get tough I will be fine. I can find a quiet and safe haven inside myself which is there always.


writing hands

Apply to join or renew your DPN membership

We are here to support you on your Dru journey

Posting your forms and payment via mail or email

DPN Member Services
Dru (UK)
Nant Ffrancon
Bethesda LL57 3LX

Please make cheques payable to Dru (UK)




Note: For the SECURITY of your credit card details, you can scan and send forms via email - then phone through your payment.


DPN contacts

Phone DPN member services on 01248 602 900 ext 217


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