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Postgrad events UK

Post graduate events UK

Below are links to each of the Post Graduate courses we run at Dru UK with a brief description of the course and a link to the course detail.

Adi Robertson, Dru Yoga teacher and designer

Adi robertson


Dru is the power tool I use to clear the debris from my body and mind.

Back Care course 

The Dru Yoga back care course is at diploma level, which is open to qualified Dru Yoga teachers and teachers from other accredited yoga schools. 

Dru Meditation teacher training

The DMTT course will help you to live in a positive and successful way. It takes you deeper into the science of meditation, through the koshas, through which we experience the world.

Advanced Practitioners (UK)   

A ground-breaking advanced Dru Yoga course. Go profoundly into your yoga and learn how to strengthen, heal and master each chakra, on each kosha level.

Dru Dance - Lord of the Dance pose

Dru Dance teacher training

Diversify your classes with fun, enlivening and potent Dru Dance sequences. Experience the true power behind the flow of Dru and learn to teach others to do the same. 

Dru Kids & Teens

Dru Kids & Teens (DKT) teacher training is a 3-day intensive designed to ignite a passion to work with children/teenagers and make a real difference in the world. 


Kim kinsella

therapist and dru yoga teacher

I took the Dru Meditation online course for my personal development and have found it easier to include meditation into my daily yoga practice now. I have so enjoyed it that I would like to take the Meditation teacher training course.

Dru Sound Certificate

The sound certificate course consists of 4 residential modules over 2 years.

Your voice reflects your own unique personality. The sound you make and the way you use your voice reflects your self image, which is why it is so valuable to learn how to realise the full potential of your natural voice. You will discover your own resonant tone and develop a personal practice to help you to develop full power in your voice. You will learn deep listening skills, essential breathing exercises, and the principles of resonance, entrainment, sacred sound and chanting.

Online Meditation course

The Dru Meditation online 9 month course enhances your life by harnessing all the benefits of meditation. You'll be guided effortlessly through our richly informative course manuals and soothing meditation downloads. 


Ready to take the next step? Dru Yoga Therapy is for you!

All Dru Yoga practices are designed to use the panch-kosha, or five layer system that is integral to understanding the causes of illness and help find yoga solutions.

Pre-natal course

A comprehensive course providing the knowledge and practical skills to confidently and safely teach yoga classes to pregnant women.  Support women to feel empowered throughout their pregnancy and labour and give them the techniques to support this amazing process.  This course is only for DPN members who are graduates of Dru Yoga teacher training course.

Yoga Therapy Diploma

The Dru Yoga therapy diploma course is taught by an international team of yoga, health and medical professionals. This cutting edge course brings together ancient wisdom and modern complementary medicine.

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