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Join the DPN

One of the great advantages of the Dru training courses is the continued support and inspiration you receive not only during your course but also after graduation.

It's easy to join online

Registered Dru Yoga or Meditation teachers (UK) £65 pa - Click to join online >

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Be a part of a supportive network in the DPN

Please read your Code of Professional Conduct before joining 

Join or renew your membership ...

As a Registered yoga teacher

  • Have you passed your final assessment and completed all your assignments for your course?
  • You should have received an invitation letter from the DPN.
  • If you passed over a year ago, is your CPD up to date?  
  • Please send in your CPD record if you are renewing your DPN Membership and you completed your course more than a year ago. (There is no CPD requirement in your first year after completing your course, so usually, your first renewal does not require CPD)  Click here to read all about CPD
  • You are eligible to join the DPN.  Click here to renew or join if you are based in the UK
  • If you are not based in the UK please click here to request the discount code to join / renew online
  • You can always use the paper form - all at the bottom of the page

As an Associate member

  • Have you completed your Dru Yoga teacher training course but do not want to teach?
  • Do you enjoy using the Online Studio and Dru Star Lounge?
  • Do you want to keep in touch with the DPN and future post-grad events with the DPN discount?
  • Do you want up to 30% discount on Dru products from the Dru Shop?

If the answer to these questions is "Yes", then the Associate membership is for you.  You get all the benefits of the DPN except those associated with teaching (ie access to discounted professional insurance). If you decide to teach at a future date, you can upgrade to a DPN membership.   Click here to join as an Associate member.

    As a meditation teacher

    • Have you completed your Dru Meditation Teacher training and passed your assessment?
    • Have you read and agreed to the code of conduct?
    • Complete and return this form >> - coming soon online 

    As an Ayurveda Health Coach

    Please read your Code of Professional Conduct before joining. 

    Codes of conduct
    Registered Dru Yoga teacher professional code of conduct >
    Registered Dru Meditation teacher professional code of conduct >
    Registered Dru Ayurveda Health Coach code of conduct >


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    Inspiring CPD events 

    Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    You will need to have evidence of relevant CPD if you are renewing your DPN membership.  

    If you have been qualified for more than a year, as a yoga or meditation teacher you will only be asked for CPD evidence after the first year. 

    There are lots of different ways of achieving your CPD points

    Yoga & Meditation teachers: Click here to find out more about CPD and download your CPD templates 

    Ayurveda Health coaches: Click here to find out more about CPD and download your CPD templates


    Dru Professional Network

    Support and inspiration for you - and so much more ...



    5 Aug, 2021
    Hi, I am interested in renewing my subscription to dru yoga online. I had access during my training, but let it lapse after completing my course in 2019. Apologie,s but it is not obvious to me where I can see the costs or subscribe via the website itself. I am not sure if I am eligable for a discount, as perhaps i need to first have my DPN, but I am not practicing as a teacher.