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Useful links

Useful links

How to find popularly requested DPN resources and information:

Just click on the relevant link below and it will open if you have access to it.

Please be logged in or log in at the top of the page using the log in button.


The pathway for each of these links is also shown to help you become familiar with our new DPN website.

Join or renew your DPN membership (DPN-UK > WELCOME > Join the DPN)

About CPD (DPN-UK > CPD& EVENTS > About CPD)

Getting the Dru Online Studio with Dru Star Lounge at DPN Rate (DPN-UK > Benefits > Online studio at DPN rate)

Membership Certificates to print (RESOURCES > Certificates)

Health forms (now GDPR compliant) (RESOURCES > Teacher Resources > Health forms & GDPR)

Teachers Insurance from Balens (DPN-UK > Benefits > Teacher insurance

My teacher's webpage and classes (MARKETING > Promoting yourself > My teacher's webpage)

Posters and fliers for fully qualified yoga teachers.   All posters including Student teachers and Meditation teachers can be found at MARKETING > POSTERS > ......

£125 DPN Bonus Scheme (DPN-UK > Benefits > £125 DPN Bonus Scheme)

Finding your way around the site

If you'd like a visual tour to help you find things on the website click here

In addition, here are some tips:

  1. DPN-UK includes things that are different in the UK from Australasia. Eg Insurance, CPD, anything that you buy (£ rather than $), DPN Members events in UK.
  2. RESOURCES includes health forms, indexes, research, social media guides, your membership certificate.
  3. MARKETING includes posters, My teacher's webpage and classes, business cards and tips on marketing and taking Dru into the workplace.
  4. CAREER includes Post grad training courses, Dru in the workplace and Dru teacher's stories
  5. Lots of the links are in more than one place
  6. Some links can only be opened if you are a DPN Member because they contain DPN Benefits, so be logged in!

I hope this helps!!

Jill Whitehead, DPN Co-ordinator, email