£125 DPN Member bonus scheme

£125 DPN Member bonus scheme

£125 DPN Member bonus scheme

We're excited to welcome you to the £125 DPN Member bonus scheme designed to thank you for referring and signing a friend onto the Dru Yoga or Meditation teacher training course.



You will receive £125 off a future Dru event, retreat, or training course when someone you've recommended joins the Dru Yoga/Meditation Teacher Training Course and passes the half way point in that course.


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Confidence & Wellbeing coach, Hebden Bridge

DYTT in a beautiful safe space in which to explore body and mind and come out sparkling! Peace of mind, awareness, grace and a sense of belonging are just a few of the results.


How do I apply?

  • your name must be referred to in the student’s application form
  • download the £125 bonus form
  • send the completed bonus form to the DPN while your student is still on the course
  • your bonus voucher will be activated when your student is past half way on their teacher training course
  • email Jill at the DPN office to ask how you can apply your £125 bonus voucher




How do I use my voucher?

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of your students


For Dru events run in Snowdonia, please book via the main office at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, 01248 602900 or AND give your voucher number to receive your referral credits. 

For using your voucher to buy subscription to the DPN or Online Studio, contact the DPN Co-ordinator at  or 01248 602900 ext 217

Members referring students on to the Dru Scotland courses and the Dru London courses are able to use their voucher for Dru Scotland or Dru London events respectfully.  Please contact the DPN Co-ordinator who will forward the request


Have you a student in your class who you could refer to the DYTT or DMTT?  Apply for your voucher when the student starts their training course.

Contact the DPN office email:   or phone 01248 602900 ext 217

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