Continuing professional development

As with all professional disciplines, continuing professional development is necessary to guarantee our excellent standards as teachers.



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Dru yoga - group performing the Seat of Compassion sequence on the beach

Learn new skills

Catch up with Dru friends old and new at CPD events

Keep your CPD up to date

Keeping up to date with continuing professional development (CPD) and maintaining records enable you to keep your Dru Professional Network (DPN) membership current.

The CPD programme offered is designed to help you stay up to date with Dru and refresh your teaching skills.

Under the DPN Code of professional conduct, you agree to maintain your CPD. This means that Dru can confidently stand behind your qualification.

When you join the DPN please ensure you complete the CPD form and forward this with your DPN application form or email your CPD record if you join online.



Adi Robertson, Dru Yoga teacher and designer

Adie Robertson

Designer, Sydney

Dru is the power tool I use to clear the debris from my body and mind.

How much CPD do I need?

CPD can be made up from both, 'professional development' and 'personal development' opportunities. See below for examples of these >


Dru Yoga teachers

For the first year after your final Dru Yoga teacher training day there is no CPD requirement.

Following this first year, you will need 12 CPD points over a year, with a minimum of 6 points being professional development.  



Be part of a highly professional network of Dru Yoga & Meditation teachers!


There are so many ways to accumulate CPD points; to keep your teaching qualification current and maintain the high standards of Dru Yoga & Dru Meditation.

How do I acquire my CPD points?

You acquire CPD points from attendance at events or doing online courses.  One hour of tuition = 1 CPD point unless otherwise stated.

Professional development may come from attending Dru events that upgrade your skills or include reference to teaching methodology such as posture modification or enhancing the effect on the koshas etc.

Professional and personal development >

Dru Meditation teachers

Dru Meditation CPD follows the same principles as Dru Yoga, except 9 points of CPD are required each year with 6 points being professional development.  Professional development may come from attending Dru events or using online Dru facilities that upgrade your skills, deepen your practice or help you become a better teacher.


What is professional development for Dru Yoga teachers?

John Jones meditating in nature

Upgrade your skills & deepen your practice

Mentoring can be arranged via Skype, phone or in person

It includes but is not restricted to:

> Dru Yoga advanced practitioner course

Specific CPD events and workshops

Dru Kids and Dru Teens

Dru Pre-natal course

Dru Back care course

Dru Meditation teacher training course

Dru Dance (postgrad level)

Refresher training on current Dru Yoga teacher training courses

Being a DYTT support tutor 

Receiving Dru mentoring for professional development (eg,  how to teach 1:1 yoga, lesson planning, business skills, etc.  This can be done in person or by phone or skype)

Dru Yoga therapy diploma course

Dru Star Lounge


Please note that 1 hour of professional development mentoring = 3 CPD points.  


Fiona Wells, Mum, Dru Yoga teacher and environmental scientist


Mum, Dru Yoga teacher, Environmental scientist

Discovering the love inside is amazing, discovering how to help others to discover that love inside themselves is stunning.


What is Personal development?

Dru yoga - warrior 3 posture

Personal development counts towards your CPD

There are many ways to gain your CPD points

  • This includes but is not restricted to:
  • General contact hours with Dru senior tutors
  • Open Dru courses or workshops
  • Attending yoga holidays and retreats 
  • Dru Gita correspondence course 
  • Dru Meditation online course 

Use of the Dru Online studio with written reflection

Receiving Dru mentoring for personal development (1 hour = 3 points)



Dru yoga - warrior posture on the beach

Be the best Dru teacher you can be

Set the standards by updating your skills

May I include other related training in my CPD record?

When deciding what you can include for CPD, ask yourself this question: What have I done which has developed me as a Dru Yoga teacher over the past year?  Include both Dru and other activities.   

Click below for your forms

CPD Record >

Student Dru Yoga teacher professional code of conduct >

Registered Dru Yoga teacher professional code of conduct >

Registered Dru Meditation teacher professional code of conduct >

CPD  Dru Star Lounge reflections >



Need help with your CPD?

Talk with the Dru office P: 02 6161 1462 or send us an email by clicking the orange button.

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