Dru Yoga advanced practitioner course

Dru Yoga advanced practitioner course

Advanced practitioners course

A ground-breaking advanced Dru Yoga course. Go profoundly into your yoga and learn how to strengthen, heal and master each chakra, on each kosha level.




Learn how to use the subtle energy awareness of Dru Yoga to promote balance and healing with this ground-breaking advanced course. This will be invaluable for you if in the future you decide to embark on the Dru Yoga Therapy training. Read more >


What will it cover?

  1. Dru Yoga for health
  2. Yoga psychology for health and wellbeing
  3. How to successfully design your life with Dru







The lotus hand mudra capturing the dawn sunlight


How long is the course?

The course is for 5 weekends over 15 months

    Cost in 2017                                               

    £250 deposit plus

    £50 per month over 15 months


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      Dru yoga - Eagle posture

      Yoga like you've never experienced it before

      Yoga psychology for health and wellbeing


      Dru Yoga like you've never experienced it before

      We work through the chakras from base to top at the physical layer and introduce some of the pranic layer.  You’ll learn how to work with specific postures and sequences to strengthen or balance each chakra.  We’ll explore how these postures and sequences affect your physical body and subtle energy, and give you preliminary exercises for expanding your ability to work with your subtle energy.

      Yoga psychology for health and wellbeing

      Working again through the chakras from base to top, we focus on the pranic and emotive layers, and how we can use the postures and sequences, previously explored, at these more subtle levels. You’ll experience how this gives you greater power for achieving long-term health and wellbeing. You'll also learn how each chakra is the part of our mind that controls crucial aspects of life (abundance/vitality, relating, achieving goals, building harmony, knowing the right thing to do, discerning your role in life, achieving unity). We’ll explore how to harness this power to dramatically enhance the effects for creating optimum health and healing dis-ease.



      This course will open the gates of yoga’s almost infinite resources to you.


      The first part of the course will give you the foundation principles so you can use a class situation as an effective environment to help people (and yourself) manage their body-mind-emotions in a whole new way. You’ll be able to help them achieve greater health and heal dis-ease – regardless of their experience in yoga or familiarity with its language. You will have the essential principles to be able to use essentially physical language to create immensely powerful programmes.



      Nikki Martin Dru Yoga teacher training student


      Nurse, Ponsanooth

      If you want to be taught by people who live what they teach,  find a clear direction towards your goal, have fun at the same time, with lovely people in a beautiful setting, then this course is for you!

      Successfully design your life with Dru

      You’ve explored the body-mind and its health. Now we'll go on to discover how yoga can help you redesign any aspect of your life that you’d like! Naturally this will also help you add even more potency to the therapeutic principles already studied. Relationships, abundance, achieving goals, communication… you name it, yoga can help you succeed in it.

      This time we'll continue our exploration of the emotive layer, and we venture into the territory of the 4th kosha – vijnanamaya or the discriminative/wisdom layer, working through each chakra again, and touch on anandamaya or the connectedness/bliss layer.




      You will explore in depth how to harness the power of the chakras to create optimum health and heal dis-ease.


      You’ll learn the effect each chakra has on your life, and the effect your lifestyle has on each chakra; how to use yoga to redesign these parts of your life, if you so choose, and how you can bring this into a yoga class setting to help your students make massive improvements in their lives… without even realising they are doing it! 

      This course will open the gates of yoga’s almost infinite resources to you. While we can’t promise we can teach you all of this, we can say that this course will open the doorways to a lifetime’s study of how you can use yoga to master your life!


      Your Tutors

      Sylvia Barrington Louise Rowan

      Sylvia Barrington,
      Louise Rowan, Orina Murphy


      Mona Fairholme &
      Andrew Wells




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      28 Feb, 2017
      Yes i am with Jean, on the Dru Meditation course bur definately would love t take this on in 2018 if there's a course starting?
      18 Jan, 2017
      Jean Nelson
      I am interested in this course but couldn't begin until the next one after 2018. I'm already on the Back Care course in Leeds in 2017 and there's some workshops I want to attend too in 2017. Any plans for the next one yet?