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Dru Yoga - Muladhara Chakra: the base centre

Dru Yoga - Muladhara Chakra: the base centre

sThe Muladhara chakra is our foundation chakra. We often go through our ‘yogic’ life, do our yoga and our meditation, but without conscious effort and directed intention, so our chakras and their imbalances can remain largely unchanged. It is also said to be a centre of rhythm - so things like walking and drumming are said to be very good to establishing balance and regulation in this centre.

Overcoming Loneliness

The first step in overcoming loneliness is to make an effort to meet people. This usually means getting out of the house and it’s particularly good to have something to do with your evenings, as evenings can be the time people feel most lonely. 

Going out does not mean superficial socialising. Going out should be fun or meaningful so go somewhere that you feel comfortable, doing something that you enjoy.

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