Stress relief

Annie Jones, Andrew Wells, featuring Mansukh Patel

Includes two of Dru's most popular sequences, Saluations to the Four Directions and Salute to Dru

Intermediate to Advanced


Gayatri Mudra sequence

Welcome! This special sequence is designed to bring light to your mind and energy system. 

It's a special gift to you, and I hope it gives you a wonderful way to connect to your inner self - and then let the energy from your inner core illuminate your mind and energise your prana.

Dru Yoga - Natarajasana: the Lord of the Dance

Dru Yoga - Natarajasana: the Lord of the Dance

Natarajasana or the ‘lord of the dance’ is an ancient posture which is indicative of a place of perfect poise and balance.

It is a graceful and elegant posture which helps us to connect to those qualities within us.While at a deeper level, this posture connects us to the energy of Shiva. Shiva, in ancient Hindu mythology, relates to the qualities of letting go – of completion and fulfilment.

Dru Yoga - Sharva Udarakarshanasana: the maltese cross

Dru Yoga - Sharva Udarakarshanasana: the maltese cross

This posture takes the simple lying twist a step further. It opens and stretches out the chest and pectoral muscles, gives a great twist to the spine. It strengthens the core muscles and frees up the lower back. It also stretches out the gluteal muscles and this helps ease hip and back pain. Not only that, but this posture also aids digestion and helps trim the waist line!


Dru Yoga - Pindasana: the child pose

Dru Yoga - Pindasana: the child pose

The child pose, helps to free tension in the area between the shoulder blades and along the whole length of the spine and is a calming posture.


Energetically, this posture allows for a resting phase on the earth, creating a wonderful circle of energy flowing over the top of the head and neck, shoulders, arms and hands to the feet, legs and over the back.

On a mental and emotional level you may sense a feeling of security and inner peace, as well as experiencing feelings of humility.

Cat posture - marjariasana

I've always loved the cat posture because of the way it combines utter simplicity and ease with profound results. It's just about the best back toner you'll come across, and if you can get it right, you can use it as a tool for clearing emotional blocks stored all along the spine.

And there's even more... and if you can get that right, you can use it as an aid to bringing vibrant clarity to your consciousness in meditation... Read on for all the details!


Quiet Times - Meditation

Chris Barrington

Enjoy this easy to learn introduction to meditation available on CD or MP3.  Feel relaxed and centred as you discover some of Dru meditation’s many techniques for making your meditation deep, relaxing and effortless.

$25.00 AUD
Meditations on light

Savitri MacCuish and Andrew Wells

Relax, boost your energy, and get back into the driving seat of your life with 5 easy-to-use guided meditations.


$25.00 AUD
Yoga Class - Energy and Flow EBR 4

Susan Kulas

This simple, gentle Dru Yoga program is perfect for when you feel scattered by a busy day (or life), or want to feel powerful and strong in body and mind. Dru Yoga's remarkable grasp of the body-mind connection lets you wash away the effects of hours of stress in moments.

$25.00 AUD


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