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‘Cooking with Love’ means just that—turning an everyday activity into something magical.

What’s the secret? Simply that the way you cook (and eat) is just as important as the food itself.


Dru Yoga - Utthita Parsvakonasana: the Bhima posture

Dru Yoga - Utthita Parsvakonasana: the Bhima posture

The Bhima is a great side stretch, as well as an excellent toner for the quads, glutes and abdominals.


This posture is an extension of the lateral triangle: Utthita Trikonasana and it gives you a long side stretch, opening the intercostal muscles, the lungs and therefore the heart. It provides a much needed alignment between the crown of the head and the lower energy centres.


Dru yoga tip 13 - yoga at your desk

Dru Yoga tip 13 - Yoga at your desk 

Do you find yourself hunched over a desk all day and experiencing a sore back and little energy as a result? Maybe your job involves a lot of driving or you spend a lot of time in a wheelchair. If so, this week's Dru Yoga tips for life is all about stretching your upper body. . . while sitting in a chair.

Feel great look radiant DVD

Coby Langford and Krishna Patel

Two body-mind Dru Yoga classes to make your feel great and look radiant. As seen on Sky TV.

$30.00 AUD

Coby Langford

Two body-mind Dru Yoga classes to make your feel great and look radiant. As seen on Sky TV.


Surya Namaskara

This is one of my personal all time favourties in yoga, because it gives you a fantastic body work out and you can adjust it to your own needs and abilities particular as Dru Yoga offers so many modifications.


Here are the benefits!

Surya Namascara gives you physical stamina, a fantastic improvement in flexibility and an overall toning of the body. You don’t need go to the noisy gym and you can put your favourite music on and do yoga from home, or you can go out in the beauty of nature.

When Exhaustion Sets In

What are the symptoms of exhaustion?

You wake up tireder than when you went to sleep or you suddenly grind to a halt in the midst of a busy day.  

A quick way to restore your vitality is to lie down in makrasana and allow yourself fall asleep for 10 minutes. Ten minutes of sleep in makarasana can feel as refreshing as a whole hour of ordinary sleep.


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