I'm Not Feeling Very Centred

You know what its like – you have been rushing around so much that you are losing things. Or perhaps you have had so much on your mind that you just cant think straight.

There is nothing so refreshing like coming back home to a feeling of connectedness and equipoise.  A quick way to start this process is to give your body a shake and stretch or to do a Dru Energy Block Release sequence (from the Dru Yoga Course).

Tadasana¹ or the mountain posture gives you the foundation alignment for all other postures but it also gives you a balanced foundation from which to work from in your life.  In tadasana we learn to stand tall and strong, centered within our personal power, and self-confidence.

Then use the vertical connection breathing technique while standing.


Vertical Connection Breath

Let your awareness move with your breath. Start by following an in-breath down to your heart, and on the out-breath imagine you can take your awareness down into the earth beneath you.  Pause.

On the in-breath imagine you can take your awareness up from the earth through your body to the heart. Breathe out letting your awareness move from your heart to some distance above you.

Breathe in draw your awareness from above, through your crown, back into your heart.  

Now breathe out, taking your awareness down to the ground again. Repeat this cycle 3 to 10 times.

Draw up from the earth, qualities such as peacefulness, stillness, stability and strength.

Draw down from above you qualities like light, confidence, and your highest potential.

Then pause and breathe and notice how good you feel.



1.    Dru Yoga Stillness in Motion.


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