Dru Yoga tip 61 - EBR 3 Soothe

Dru Yoga tip 61 - EBR3 Soothe

Sometimes, do you wake up in the morning and already you have that feeling inside that you recognise as tension or anxiety? Or in the middle of the day, you've been super busy and things are starting to overload you - you begin to feel anxious? Wouldn't it be great to have a technique in your toolkit that can help ease those feelings of tension in your chest? 

Personal Development-Believe in Yourself

Dr Mansukh Patel

High self-esteem and confidence are inherent within us all...A consistent bestseller, Believe in Yourself, 2nd edition on CD or MP3, is an excellent resource - with remarkably effective insights to help you take charge of your life and make it exactly how you want it to be.

$25.00 AUD
Meditation class- Chakra dharanam Part 1 cd

Chris Barrington

Since ancient times, people have used chakra meditation, concentration [dharanam] and visualisation to unlock their hidden potential. Internationally renowned teacher Chris Barrington will lead you through a 2-part program that can transform your life. Build strength, purpose and confidence and let go of old emotional hurts.

$25.00 AUD

Chris Barrington

Dru Meditation's approach to the first 4 chakras, with outstanding preparatory movement & breathing techniques. Build strength, purpose and confidence as well as letting go of old emotional hurts.


Mansukh Patel

High self esteem and confidence are inherent within us all...

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