Overcoming Loneliness

The first step in overcoming loneliness is to make an effort to meet people. This usually means getting out of the house and it’s particularly good to have something to do with your evenings, as evenings can be the time people feel most lonely. 

Going out does not mean superficial socialising. Going out should be fun or meaningful so go somewhere that you feel comfortable, doing something that you enjoy.

Try to get to a class where there is a group of people, even just once a week. Yoga classes are fantastic as you can meet people and move your body plus yoga gets rid of stuck emotions, but really any class will do.  

If you are not up to a yoga class then there is something easy that you can do as you get out of bed in the morning to help overcome any feelings of loneliness.



Greet the day with happiness stretch

Lift your arms above you head and take in a deep breath. Breathe in and stretch your arms out wide as if you are yawning and feel how wonderful it is to open your posture in this way. Then bring your hands back down by your sides.

At this point you have only stretched the top half of the body. So do the stretch again, breathe in and stretch up, but this time as you breathe out and bring the hands down bending forward as far as you can go.

In this lovely forward bend totally surrender, and pause and let go. Then when you are ready slowly uncurl to standing.

Now try doing this again, but this time use the movement to let go of a some kind of stress in your life. This may be the feeling of loneliness, grief or even fear.

You may even think about someone that gets up your nose or something that you are frustrated about. Do the same upward stretch and as you release down in the forward bend make the sound ‘haaaa’ on the out breath and think of letting of that stress. After you come up notice how you feel.

Doing this exercise helps you to release any feelings of ‘poor me’.  The stretch also opens up your chest so you breathe in more deeply and take in more oxygen. It stretches and mobilises the spine and gets the circulation going. All of these things create a greater sense of wellbeing.

You don’t have to go far to do this exercise as you can do it as you rise out of bed but its even better is to go out in to the garden and take in the fresh air.


Try this exercise every day for a week

Now that means don’t do it four days out of seven. Make a commitment to give it ago every day!  Then take notice of what the difference is after seven days and then decide for yourself what you think of it. But it really does make a difference to the start of your day.

If at some other time during the day, the same feelings of loneliness arise then, do one extra stretch quick.

When you are feeling better in yourself, then you will feel a lot better about your day and also in going out to meet people. So do give it a go and don’t forget to push yourself a little to get out the door and meet people.


Safety tip
if you have a sore lower back keep your knees well bent in the forward bend and also tighten your belly and pelvic floor (that is, engage your core stability muscles) to uncurl back up.

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